Random thoughts

I've been wanting to post some thoughts for a while, so here it goes.


Thought number 1

     Our team has changed a great deal since Parcells helped Jerry understand the draft. Not all our draft picks hit but we get some real jewels in late rounds. I think that is the sign of a great team and one with staying power in today's NFL. But what it does to the average fan is limit our exposure to the developing players. What little we get to see is usually in the pre season and against lesser competition. Case and point- "Doug Free". If i had not done a play by play on him last year I would have never known he was any good. I watched him every single play of the pre season and realized he was dominating lesser competition and holding his own against the likes of Hayes from Tennessee. The funny thing I heard on this very board by a poster when Colombo got hurt was "Free hadn't even made the game day roster and now he's the starting right tackle" .  No one really knew what to expect.  My point to this is unless we are exposed to these players we don't know who are what they are. Players like McQuistan or Brite, or even Choice before we saw him play. So temper the "we have no depth on the line" because frankly none of us know for sure what we have but I will be paying extra close attention to the development of some guys.


Thought number 2

     I don't buy the offensive line is a weakness on this team. Free, and Brewster seem to be starting material according to the coaches. Brite has exceptional strength and could make the ideal future center and should get at least a couple years of training. Alex Barron is young and an unknown in this environment, lets see what becomes of him, Romo has made lesser men look like all pro linemen. Montea Holland is the ideal backup and could even start admirable. And this coming years draft will probably yield a lineman or two. I think we are developing more Doug Free's and we the average fan are just not paying attention. The coaching staff kept telling us we were fine at receiver and most all of us were panicking after T.O. was cut.

     The one thing that puzzles me was Procter playing for Kosier, if he truly was the only other guy to know the line calls and that was the reason he was playing is just sickening.


Thought Number 3

     I swear an Eagles fan made this years schedule for us. Our Road schedule is brutal and the one game that really burns me the most is we play the Redskins in Washington the first week of the year. I think we lose this game for several reasons. First we play a team that hates us and I don't think we give a second thought about anymore. It will be Cowboys week in Washington with baners and posters and flags all over town, with a circus like atmosphere. Secondly Shannahan has his guys motivated; well, except Haynesworth. And they will be over hauling the whole team from running game to new defense. There is no way to sufficiently prepare for them the first game of the year. What do you prepare for? maybe Belecheck can loan us some of his OTA tapes of the Redskins?


Thought number 4

     Get ready for the heat! I think the move to Allen Ball is one of necessity.I  believe Wade is going to bring the heat this year. Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, Sensibaugh, and Ball can all cover man to man. Look out here comes the house. Neither of our linebackers are great cover guys but they both can blitz. our offense will score and if our defense gets them the ball with turnovers or punts we should win a lot of games. i think we blitz effectively and like crazy this year.I expect to see the bear formation a lot too. (9 guys near the line of scrimage)


Thought number 5

     I might be the last man on earth who still believes Roy will have a good year. He's not going to put up huge numbers but will make plays when we need them. I agree he's  vastly over paid for what he has done but at the same time Romo was hitting his ankles, throwing behind him, and Roy's best rout is the slant and Romo has never been great at that pass. He dropped his share of balls too. I have nothing to hang my hat on to say that Roy will improve but the one thing I do believe is Roy is way better than Ogletree.


Thought number 6

Teams to watch out for in the NFL this year you may not see coming are

49ers- alex smith is the only thing holding them back and he is much improved from what I've read.

Bears- Julius Peppers and Mike Martz are going to help this team in bunches.

Giants- swept us and we looked like we were beating the hell out of them in both games but it didn't show up on the score board. A very complete team that matches up well against us.

Titans- the coaching staff swears they taught Vince Young to read this off season! They actually claim he has made huge progress in learning the playbook and is making good reads.

Redskins- just might make the playoffs, they are more focused than I've seen in years. there players actually seem to care about football this year.

Eagles- just because they might "sting they asses" I get a giggle every time I think about Deshawn Jackson trying to sting Newman in his a$$.


Thought number 7

Where are the cowboys weak? Unlike most I think the line is a point of strength. I don't know for sure and will need to see the pre season but the middle linebacker and backups worry me. Allen Ball was Donnie Possners pet a couple years ago and I know he used to watch him, wish he could put his two cents in on this one, I would trust his judgement on it. Right now I want to see him tackle, I trust his coverage skills.

The one weakness that just scares me to death and maybe it's because of recent history is Buehler. I love the guy but geeeez can we find a kicker that can stick please!


Well there are my seven random thoughts

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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