Travis Bright play by play hall of fame game


Travis Bright Play by Play Hall of fame game

I really enjoyed doing this last year and really larned a lot about Doug Free, Junior Savia, and Bobby Carpenter. I hope you enjoy this years Choices, here is how it looked to me for Travis Bright.


Travis Bright is playing center at this time

1st and 10 own 7 Bright and McQuistan double tackle and plow him into ground.

2nd and 8 own 9 Pass to Phillips, Bright Doubles Tackle with Mcquistan and slips off block to pick up blitzing linebacker. Recognized the blitz and the linebacker looked like he ran into a tree.

1st and 10 own 32 Kitna throws pass away because protection disintegrates. Bright stones his man on the line. Brewster Whiffs on his man.

2nd and 10 own 33 Run right, Bright pops his guy and is driving him and then he falls down, his guy is in on tackle.

3rd and 8 own 35 Shotgun Pass, Bright and guard double tackle, tackle never gets off the line, Brewster whiffs again.

1st and 10 cin 49 Funny play, reverse, Brite slips to second level and MLB takes two steps relizes it’s a reverse turns around to se Bright and stops in his tracks and just stands there, got him!

2nd and 7 cin 46 Busted play, maybe a screen, both Defensive tackles try to bull rush Bright and McQuistan, Neither of them budge, they both look very strong.

3rd and 7 cin 46 Pass, Tackle shucks Brite and goes by him forces Kitna to throw ball away. Bright beaten by DT.


1st and 10 own 44 Big play in game that went mostly unnoticed, Barron Whiffed and Kitna fumbles, Bright and Tipper double DT holding him at the line, Bright takes the ball away from a Bengal on the ground, he is really strong! There is a hidden beauty to this play.

2nd and 17 own 37 Screen right, Offensive line slides right DT never sees it coming and Brights first punch sends the DT two yards backwards.

3rd and 13 own 31 Shotgun, Bright has no one to block, he bumps McQuistans man when he gets close enough.


1st and 10 own 44 Run right tackle, Bright and McQuistan double DT and take him to the turf.

2nd and 5 own 49 Run right tackle, Brewster turns his man out of play, I think the coaches see Brewster struggling and are running right behind him now.

1st and 5 cin 25 after penalty, Doubles DT with McQuistan and drives DT 5 yards straight back. Lose a fumble

1st and 10 own 45 Quick pass, Bright’s man never gets off the line of scrimmage.

1st and 10 cin 44 Run play, DT slants right into hole, Bright wold have had to make a nearly impossible block, but he did not his man in on tackle.

2nd and 10 on 44 McGee in for Kitna,, drop back pass, Bright stones his guy on the line.

1st and 10 cin 31 Run right, DT times snap perfect bows Bright backwards but Bright recovers and his man is not a factor.

1st and 10 cin 20 Shotgun, DT shucks Bright and gets him off balance, Bright recovers and pushes his man wide right.

2nd and 19 cin 29 Pass, Bright has no one to block

3rd and 6 cin 16 shotgun draw, Bright Destroys the DT pancaking him with authority, wow what a block!

Field goal

1st and 10 own 38 shotgun, no one for Bright to block

2nd and 3 own 45 Roll out pass, at first it looks like Bright falls down but on replay Tipper actually shoves him to the ground, I have no idea why? The play is away from them so it does not matter but it is rather weird.

1st and 10 cin 43 Bright picks up blitzing LB and stones him on the line, good recognition.

2nd and 10 cin 43 shotgun, DT’s stunt and get some penetration but not much, Bright stops his man after minimal pressure.

3rd and 10 cin 43 pass, the running back whiffs on blitzing linebacker, Bright tries to get to the Line backer but can not, McQuistan Whiffs as well. Sack is the result.


1st and 10 own 28 Shotgun, DT tries to bull rush Bright but he only gains a couple yards.

2nd and 7 own 38 Shotgun drawMcQuistan and Bright double the DT and drive him 3 yards straight back, Tipper looks like he’s on roller skates getting driven back by the other DT,

3rd and 5 own 40 shotgun, McGee Scramble up the middle of the field for a first, it’s Brights block that opend the field up, he drives the DT far to the right and out of the area.

1st and 10 own 46 Pass, oooops, both Tipper and Bright hit the DT and then they both slip into the second level, someone screwed up.

1st and 10 cin 46 Pass, Bright and Tipper drive the DT tackle four yards down the field, not sure that’s legal on a pass play.

2nd and 10 cin 40 Run, Bright seals the DT and creates a running lane with McQuistan but Donaldson bounces the play outside to the right, there was a beauty of a hole.

1st and 10 cin 29 Deep pass, Bright picks up blitzing LB,

2nd and 10 cin 29 Run left, DT slants away from Bright, he gets to the second level but the play is dead quickly.

3rd and 12 cin 31 shotgun, Bright knocks stunting LB two yards backwards.

Missed Field goal

1st and goal, Power running play, there is a big pile of people, Bright is in there somewhere.

2nd and goal, Pass, Bright really drives the DT on this play, good block.

3rd and goal, The DT just runs around Bright, he is no where near the lay but he looks like he’s had enough.

Field goal

1st and 10 own 17 Bright blows off the line and destroys the tackle, Pancaked!

2nd and 10 own 17 Shot gun, high snap, McGeee scrambles right the DT stunts left taking himself out of the play. Bright only has to mirror him and does,

3rd and 14 own 13 shotgun, Bright helps both guards with the DT’s bouncing back and forth,


Bright moves to Left Guard

1st and 10 own 10, Run off left guard, Bright and Mcquistan do not move the DT and the run is stuffed.

2nd and 8 own 12, DT gets inside of Bright and gets pressure on the QB, Bright is beaten on the play.

1st and 10 own 25, pass, Bright’s man never gets off the line,

2nd and 10 own 25 run Bright and McQuistan (center) drive the DT 5 yards out of play. Powerful looking block.

3rd and 6 own 29, shotgun, Brigh helps center with DT, non issue

1st and 10 own 37, Pass, Bright stones the DT at the line,

1st and 10 Cin 48, Run, DT beats Bright badly to make tackle in backfield.

2nd and 12 50, Shotgun, Good pass protection at line by Bright, he stands the guy up and then drives him wide.

3rd and 3 cin 36, Pass, Bright stones the tackle at the line.


1st and 10 own 20, pass, Bright has no one to block

2nd and 8 own 22, Run, Again McQuistin and Bright slip to the second level not blocking the DT, this is the second time this happened once at guard and once at center both guys.

3rd and 11 own 19 Pass, good pass protection from Bright


1st and 10 own 20 Run, Bright turns the DT and takes him to the Turf,

2nd and 4 own 25 Run goes away from bright to right side of line, he stands the tackle up at line,

3rd and 1, run up middle, Bright and McQuistan bulldoze DT five yards and off screen.


1st and 10 , run , trap play, Bright pulls and leads into hle but there is no one to block




Bright had an exceptional night at center, only one bad snap and he was more than an adequate blocker. He moved a lot of guys. I like what I was at center,

Then he moved to guard where he got beat a couple times and did not seem as dominating as he did at center.

He truly is strong, very strong, he’s more agile than I thought but he did get shucked off balance a couple times. He did not pull but the one time so it’s a little had to see how nimble he is. Everything was basic straight forward blocking, I want to see more.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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