Alex Barron play by play hall of fame game

One play defined Alex Barron

I wasn’t going to do Barron but seeing how he got roasted by the media for one play I thought it important to look at his whole body of work.

1st and 10 own 7 Run up middle, DE stunts inside Barron, Barron slow to get out of stance, even if he had been quicker the block would have been next to impossible the DE stunted right into the play.

2nd and 8 own 9 pass to Phillips, DE tries to stunt inside again this time Alex grabs him and forces him outside, showed some power on this block.

1st and 10 own 32 Kitna has to throw the ball away, Alex does a good job on the DE,

2nd and 10 own 32 run behind Barron, Barron drives the DE inside and out of play, he drives his man with some authority. (Bengal’s have 10 men in the box)

3rd and 8 own 35 , Barron locks onto the outside of his guys shoulder pads, it’s close to holding but not quite holding, Barron blocks his man out of play.

1st and 10 cin 49 Reverse away from Alex, Alex has no one to block, everyone on his side of the line bit on the reverse.

2nd and 7 cin 46 LG pulls for screen (McQuistan) leaving two guys for Barron to block, Kitna sees it and throws the ball away.

3rd and 7 cin 46 , Kitna is flushed to Barron’s side from pressure up the middle, Barron’s man is stuck on him like glue, The defender has his back to Kitna but cant get off Barron’s block to pursue the play.


1st and 10 own 44 The play that defines Barron for the night, Pass play, Barron whiffs on block almost getting Kitna killed, forced fumble. Barron looked really bad on this play.

2nd and 17 own 37 Screen away from Barron to Hurd, Barron is standing 5 yards from hurd when he is tackled, good hustle and very athletic.

3rd and 13 own 31 shotgun pass, Funny they don’t show this play after the whiff, Barron pancakes the DE with a great block. He looked mad on this one.


1st and 10 own 44 Run right behind guard/tackle, Barron turns his man outside out of play.

2nd and 5 own 49 Run off right tackle, Barron fires of the ball as strong and quick as I’ve seen anybody do hits his guy but the DE turns and runs down the line away from Alex. Alex falls down trying to engage him. Play is away from them so it is a non factor.

1st and 5 cin 25, run up middle, Alex turns his man outside and out of play, Dallas loses fumble.


One bad play does not a player make. Barron got hurt and has a very small sample size, but he had one really bad play. To be honest that one play concerns me, but not as much considering it was his only bad play.

After the sack he turned his game up a notch and started punishing the DE.

He has that leg kick like Flozell did when dropping back to pass protect, I found it intresting not one penalty and the guy in front of him ran into him on an off sides and Barron did not move, Keep that up Alex, keep that up .

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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