On the Bubble - Trend Lines

A largely unqualified take on the yet-to-be determined role players and question marks headed into this season. Didn't include the TC fodder, this was plenty to work with:

Stock Up

Ball - in this case, the lack of a negative could be a positive

Barron - perhaps better than we thought at this point. Legit swing tackle candidate. At the very least - addition by subtraction

Brent - showing signs there's a spot for him

Butler - athleticism always been there, now the light has turned on

Free - just as advertised, ready for this level

Gordon - leader in the clubhouse for 4th CB

Gronkowski - versatility as TE, H Back elevates chances

Holley - is he really making a move for a roster spot? Pretty remarkable the conversation is even being held

McCray - keep seeing him making plays, worth watching more

Williams, B&J(stop) - proving to both be keepers

Young - better than advertised, but likely not good enough. May benefit from McQ's potential departure


Stock Down

Brewster - not hearing good things - apparent grad from Montrae Holland school of conditioning. This trend line continues, candidate for a visit by The Turk before camp end

Bright - taken out of C rotation, some potential for much needed Interior OL depth. but value as a 2 spot sub diminished(the Proctor conundrum)

Hodge - inability to get on field now looking like a trend. And not a good one

Hurd - nothing he's really done, more what he hasn't. Contract value is his biggest liability

McQuistan - looks like the end of his DC career looming

Octavian, Sharpe - the numbers at a very deep position put these guys here, not everyone can be exceptional. If Octavian gets cut, he'll land somewhere else. Good problem to have

Ogletree - rumblings of an attitude not helping. Definitely taken a step back from this time last year. Shame, looked promising.

Watkins - career dissipation light blinking more rapidly

Williams, L&T - not so much


Stuck in Neutral

ASA - time to see something on the field

Bryant - borderline in this category, with all the excitement around his early exploits. But you can't make an impact from the Trainer's table. More of an Incomplete grade here

Hamlin - promising in every aspect but staying healthy enough to play

Holland - starting to really annoy me. Like my golf game, nothing worse than being stuck in mediocre

Lee - see Bryant comment

Lissimore - in this case less is not more, losing valuable opportunity to make an impression. Losing ground to Brent?

Siavii - what you see is what you get. Not necessarily a bad thing

Walls - hasn't distinguished himself as exceptionally good or bad


TBD - need more data to support a conclusion on the Trend Line

Buehler - not his fault, but I just can't trust an unproven PK until he earns it. Encouraged, though

Church - thought he was the UDFA keeper, may be getting passed by McCray

Costa - thought he was doing OK, since OAK, entire OL took a step backwards

M Johnson - not much of an idea, does it really matter?

Sicko - burning daylight here, what could have been a legit opportunity being frustrated by injury

Tepper - little idea, doesn't that say enough?


Again, this is not meant to be a comprehensive list, just relevant. Weigh in accordingly at your discretion.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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