Doug Free play by play vs Oakland

Here is Doug Free's play by play.  This is my first stab at a play by play so feel free to point out anything I may have missed.  Free was in for 20 plays including three with Kitna at QB.  From what i saw there is no worry with Free on passing plays, he stands the DE up or rides him outside.

On the one play where he was a bit late catching a looping DT he showed enough athleticism to get out and get a shove on the DT enough so that Romo could complete a 19 yard gain to Austin.





Doug Free


1-10       Run behind Left guard. Free turns his man. Hole never appears. 1 yard gain for Jones.

2-9          Free stones DE then rides him outside. 18 yd pass to Witten.

1-10       Free stones DE then gets chip help from back, but doesn’t need it.  Rides DE outside. Romo drops. No one open. Coverage sack.

2-14       Run behind RG, Free gets a shoulder on his man, but no hole develops and Free’s man gets in on tackle. Jones for 2 yards.

3-12       Free pushes End to the ground and gets a piece of looping DT. Pass complete to Miles Austin 1st down. Free might have been slow to switch off the end to the Tackle.  But play still successful.

1-10       Run behind Free. He turns his man, but gets away with a hold on 77 Shaughnessys arm. Jones for 5 yards.

2-5          Free stones the DE. Pass inc to Roy Willie.

3-5          Free doubles the DT with Kosier, then pushes the DE out wide. Romo runs for seven and a 1st down.

1-10       Free stands DE up and gets shuffled back a bit. Romo sacked but Free’s man doesn’t get a finger on Romo.  Romo held ball too long.

2-19       Free stands up the DE.  Pass to Barber for no gain.

3-19       Rush End Kam Wimbley lines up wide over Free for obvious passing down. Free rides Wimbley wide. Romo steps up but gets sacked from behind and fumbles.

1-10       Run right behind Davis.  Free stones his man. Barber for two.

2-8          Run left.  Free gets small piece of DE, tossed aside.  FB Anderson picks up DE.   Free gets up and gets a hit on LB at the second level. Barber for two.

3-6          TE takes the DE. Free waits for looping DT Tommy Kelly and stands him up.  Pass to Austin, 1st down.

1-10       Fake run. TE takes DE and Free has no one to block. Pass inc.

2-10       Free jumps out on End Around to Austin.  Blocks 91 on second level.  Austin for 3.

3-7          Fullback takes the End, Free has no one to block. Pass Inc to Crayton.

1-10       Free turns DE. Barber runs behind LG for no gain.  Kitna now in at QB but keeps 1st team Oline.

2-10       Free rides DE wide but Kitna doesn’t get rid of the ball nor does he step up. Kitna sacked at the goalline.

3-19       Run Left. Free throws his man to the ground. Small gain.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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