my shot at the 53

Wow this was tough, now going into this I knew it would be tough to limit myself to choosing 53 for roster spots but even just as tough as selecting only 9 for the practice squad. Here is a breakdown of our roster position by position as I see it.

Tony Romo *
Jon Kitna *
Stephen McGee *

now keep in mind part of this is my opinion but mostly what I feel that the Cowboys organization is thinking for instance right off the bat I feel Kitna has no business being employed by a NFL roster except possibly as a mascot, however the Cowboys think Kitna can come in if needed if something happens to Romo...kind of the same confidence they had in Bad Johnson (not a typo).
McGee gets a bad rap but at this point he is what he is...a 3rd string QB so he`s no where fully cooked and patience is needed.  

Miles Austin *
Dez Bryant *
Roy Williams *
Patrick Crayton *
Kevin Ogletree *
Sam Hurd *
Jesse Holley PS
Terrell Hudgins
Manuel Johnson

Holley is real close to replacing Hurd as he is a cheaper version for special teams, would be nice to keep Hudgins on the PS but like I said plenty of tough choices for those spots, if Hurd is released and Holley gets the roster spot then Hudgins might get the PS spot. As far as the front runners no shockers,we know Miles is number 1, I`m putting Dez as number 2, Roy might be getting better but not fast enough to hold off Bryant, Crayton is being tabbed the best wr in camp...but maybe that`s propoganda to increase his trade value, Ogletree? showed too much promise last yr and earns another yr of grooming, I really think the Boys would like him to be the number 4 guy so if he can step up his play maybe they trade Crayton.

Marion Barber *
Felix Jones *
Tashard Choice *
Lonyae Miller
Herb Donaldson

Our 3 headed monster with no changes though I think Choice will get a much deserved bigger workload this yr. Miller is the kind of talent they would welcome on the practice squad but I just could n`t get him there.

Jason Witten *
Martellus Bennett *
Chris Gronkowski *    
Deon Anderson *
Scott Sicko PS
Martin Rucker
DajLeon Farr
Jason Pociask
John Phillips IR

The loss of Phillips is huge in my opinion as I find him more reliable than Bennett who needs to get his act together. Witten still a force and Gronkowski will serve as a 3rd TE thus saving the Cricket unless...if any of the TE`s can wrestle away thar 3rd TE from Ski then I see Gronkowski as FB and either Sicko or Rucker earning that 3rd TE job if they can develop their blocking.

Doug Free *
Kyle Kosier *
Andre Gurode *
Leonard Davis *
Marc Colombo *
Alex Barron *
Montrae Holland *
Sam Young *
Phil Costa *
Travis Bright  PS
Robert Brewster PS
Pat McQuistan
Mike Tepper
Will Barker
The injury to Kosier really alters the mindset on who makes this team, well first off if he`s out for those first few weeks he can no longer be the back up C  and unless the team acquires one the best option is Costa, the team has more faith in Holland than I do to hold the fort until Kosier comes back so putting Bright on the PS makes sense if Holland gets hurt, I`d rather see Bright. Barron is the backup swingman at tackle and the team sees something in Sam Young that he is a lock to make the roster. Brewster needs to get stronger so maybe another yr is needed, very disappointed in Tepper and Barker as I was hoping they would turn out to be diamonds in the rough.
Igor Olshansky *
Jay Ratliff *
Marcus Spears *
Stephen Bowen *
Jason Hatcher *
Josh Brent *
Junior Siavii *
Marcus Dixon
Sean Lissemore PS
Jimmy Saddler-McQueen

I believe Dixon has exhausted his practice squad time, the team has invested time in him, perhaps if the team trades Spears then maybe Dixon makes the roster.Brent has shown too much to risk losing but at the same time he is green so the team would likely keep Siavii for a period of time. Lissemore has been overshadowed by Brent and maybe does n`t even make the practice squad.

DeMarcus Ware *
Bradie James *
Keith Brooking *
Anthony Spencer *    
Sean Lee *
Victor Butler  *
Brandon Williams *
Jason Williams *
Curtis Johnson
Steve Octavien
Brandon Sharpe PS
Leon Williams
Stephen Hodge

I`ve seen knowledgeable forecasts having the Boys keep 9 lb`s, I only managed to keep 8, the 9th is considered by some to be between Octavien and Leon Williams, myself I think Curtis Johnson would be ahead for the 9th spot.Hodge was brought in to better special teams but that unit has drastically improved and unless he goes back on the IR, his time could be done. Jason Williams remains a project but too early to give up on him.

Mike Jenkins *
Terence Newman *
Orlando Scandrick *
Cletis Gordon *
Bryan McCann *
Jamar Wall  PS
Teddy Williams PS    

I think McCann has shown enough to stick maybe ahead of Gordon but he`s a raw rookie and the team might be more comfortable with Gordon.

Gerald Sensabaugh    *
Alan Ball     *
Michael Hamlin *
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah *    
Danny McCray *    
Barry Church  PS
Patrick Watkins     

tough call between McCray and Church and could go either way, is it crazy to think that maybe both make the team at the expense of Hamlin? seems to me the Hamlin is having a quiet camp. Watkins has maxed out.

David Buehler *    
L.P. Ladouceur *    
Mat McBriar *

we really need to save the roster spot and can`t afford 2 kickers.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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