6 players who cannot get hurt in 2010

*This is my first ever Fanpost. I'm feeling a little brave but go easy on me*

I hate to remember 2008. I think most of you probably feel the same way. I don't want to get into the all the facts why that season went down the toilet but I will say as all of you remember, injuries certainly did not help our cause that year. Flash forward to 2010 and once again the Dallas Cowboys find themselves along the superbowl contenders. with all the injuries happening in training camp, It occurred to me......Which 6 players we definitely cannot lose due to injuries? Who could we live with and who we just cant do without? 

Originally when I was writing this Fanpost I wanted to narrow it down to 5 players but someone kept coming up I just could not ignore (Austin) but looking up and down the current roster (which I know Its far from being completed), I give to you my 6 players who we cannot afford to miss for an extended period of time. 


6 - Jay Ratliff. Behind Jay Ratliff we have Junior Saiivi and Josh Brent. Saiivi has been decent back up but I'm strongly stressing the word backup. Josh Brent is a rookie who as not taken a regular season snap although is a promising young player. Can any of them anchor the middle of Phillips' 3-4 Defense for an extended period of time? I'd hate to find out

5 - Jason Witten. 94 receptions, over 1000 yards, 6-time pro bowler and Tony Romo's security blanket. Could the combination of Martellus Bennett and whoever else makes the roster be able to fill in the gap at not only catching the ball but also help with the blocking? Not so sure about that. I know the Wide Receivers could help pick up the slack as receptions goes but I would definitely miss 82.

4 - Doug Free. As long as Doug Free does not get hurt I'm a firm believer that he will do just fine in 2010. Now if he gets hurt and misses any amount of games Im going to pray that Alex Barron holds the fort down but I really don't think he can. 

3 - Miles Austin -  If your number wide receiver goes down that production is hard to make up especially the way Austin produced since the KC game. Roy Williams can talk all he wants about being the number wide out but he is not nor he ever will be. That tittle belong to Miles Austin and he has earned it.

2 - DeMarcus Ware - While the outside linebackers look promising and Anthony Spence may be into to fill in say if D-Ware we're to go down for an extended period of time, there is only one DeMarcus Ware. 

1 - Tony Romo - I think this the Obvious number One choice here. Flash back to 2008 and how horrible the Cowboys offence looked during his absence, Do we really need to see that again? While Kitna is a much better back than Brad Johnson do you really want to see him if say Romo goes down and we have to play the Saints, the Colts and the Eagles?  There goes our season.

Honorable mentions - Mike Jenkins and Terrence Newman.

I realize my list is not perfect by any means but feel to post your thoughts. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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