53 man roster! 5 OT's?

     I was fiddling around with different scenarios for the 53 man roster, taking into acccount who has been getting good reviews at camp, who's looked good in the games and what the "insiders" are reporting, etc etc. 

     As I was looking over the OL names, penciling in the starters, primary backups, etc I suddenly found myself with 5 OT's.  Free at LT, Kosier at LG, Guroder at C, Davis at RG and Colombo at RT. Throw in Barron as the swing tackle.  Even though Brewster is supposedly a better fit as a G, he's played almost exclusivly as a tackle, and Sam Young is only a tackle.  If the reports that the coaches like Young a lot and don't want to lose him are right then he makes the team as well.  They'll never keep more than 10 OL, to have 3 of your backups as OT's is a little deep to me.  Yeah, Brewster can move inside, but he hasn't been doing it so far, so make of it what you will.  Assuming Costa is the backup C and Holland is the backup true G, that's 10.  No more room for any more OL.  No Tepper, no Bright, no anyone else. 

     Even if they do something unexpected, like releasing McGee and rolling with 2 QB's, that's a pretty steep investment in the OL.  And if they do something even MORE unexpected, like releasing Cricket and keeping Miller then it throws it even more up in the air.

     So, here's what I think we'll see:

QB: Romo and Kitna

RB: Jones, Barber, Choice and Miller

TE: Witten and Bennett

FB/H-back: Gronkowski

WR: Austin, Williams, Crayton, Bryant, Ogletree and Hurd

OL: Free, Kosier, Gurode, Davis, Colombo, Barron, Brewster, Holland, Costa and Young

DL: Spears, Ratliff, Olshansky, Hatcher, Bowen and Brent

OLB: Ware, Spencer, B. Williams and Butler

ILB: James, Brookings, Lee and J. Williams

CB: Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick and Gordon, McCann

S: Ball, Hamlin, Sensabaugh, Church, McCray, Owusu-Ansah

ST: Buehler, McBriar and Ladeceur (sp)


The 53rd spot came down to either McCann or Siavii, I went with McCann because of the premium on young quality CB's, and the fact that one of the DE's can slide inside if needed.  I kept Brent over Siavii because of his upside.  I kept Miller because I like him and I'm not real hip to Barber's long term future.  The reality is that they will probably never keep Miller, or at least 4 RB;s in any event, but he's just shown me so much I had to keep him.  He's young, strong, can catch and he'll open up some trade possibilities (Choice?)if they so desire. If it were me, I'd keep Miller and shop Choice.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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