A shot at the 53

So I set out to try to divine what Wade and Company will settle upon in about 10 days as final cuts are made.  There is definitely turnover on the bottom of the roster, with a lot of UDFA's making a lot of noise.  A couple of surprises as well, as there always seem to be.  There were at least 5 guys who could have made the team in other times.

QB 2:  Romo, Kitna.  McGee is the surprise cut.  He is let go and hoped to make it onto the practice squad.  He just hasnt come on enough to justify keeping a very valuable roster spot.  We draft another next year.

RB 3:  Felix, MBIII, Choice.

FB 2: Anderson and Gronkowski.  Gronko makes it due to Phillips' injury.  Both will be key special teams players.

TE 2:  Witten and Martellus:  Rucker was a strong consideration.  Sicko too.  But both lose out to Gronko.  Sicko probably ends up on the practice squad.

WR 5:  Austin, Dez, Roy, Crayton, Ogletree.  The second area of surprise.  Only 5 WR.  Hurd has maxed out at WR.  He is strong on special teams.  But some other players, below, hopefully take that role.  Holley is another who misses out and hopefully makes it to the practice squad.  But ultimately, UDFA WRs aren't the most difficult guys to find.  He is more replaceable than most.

OL 10:  Free, Kosier, Gurode, Bigg, Columbo, Barron, Brewster, Hollland, Costa, and Young.   Young is borderline, but has apparently been better as camp has gone on.  We need all the young OL with potential we can get.

DL 7:  Rat, Igor, Spears, Hatcher, Bowen, Brent, Siavii.  Siavii is questionable, but he makes it as big guys are harder to find than smaller guys.  Lissimore gets to the practice squad.

ILB 4:  James, Brookings, Lee, J Williams.   Leon Williams is too inconsistent.  Possible practice squad guy.

OLB: 4:  Ware, Spencer, Williams, Butler.   Octavien is the last cut from this group.  But his upside is largely established.  He'll catch on with another club.

CB 5:  Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, Gordon, McCann.  Good corners are hard to find.  You don't let young ones with potential go.

S 6:  Sensa, Ball, Hamlin, AOA, Chuch, McCray.  A lot of youth and inexperience.  A lot of upside and energy.  A lot of new special teams players.  Watkins is the last to go.  He'll also catch on with another team.

ST 3: McBriar, Beuhler, Ladouceur.   I'd love to see us pick up a vet place kicker as I don't trust Beuhler yet.  But I have a hard time seeing where he would go without forcing a hard cut elsewhere.


Its a roster heavy on DB.  But these guys make good special teamers usually.  And finding good young guys at these spots with upside is always a challenge.  Older guys with limted upside like Hurd, Watkins, and Octavien have to make way.   McGee is the toughest cut.  Giving up on your one developmental QB can't be easy.  But he hasn't shown enough, so he makes way for others who have.

What say you?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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