Don't be surprised

I believe in my heart the boys are going to be a better team this year, but I look at our schedule and I see a season filled with concerns.


Lets look at the away games

@ washington, This no walk in the park, The Redskins are having the same problems we are finding a running game, the defense is getting gouged for big runs, and Fat Albert is still in a battle of wills with Mike Shannahan. Yet, the rest of the team seems to be buying into the coach and his ideas. This team still hates Dallas, I think Dallas checked out of this rivalry a few years ago but the redskins and thier fans still feel the passion for this rivalry. The Redskins were playing in NY against the jets and the Redskins fans were chanting "we want dallas" and they were loud enough to be noticed. This game is no gimme.  Dead even pick


@Houston, once again Houstons superbowl. Another team Dallas cares nothing about that feels it has to beat Dallas. Are there two teams in the nfl who hate us more than Washington and  Houston? And we get them the first two road games of the year. Houston is talented on the defensive line and that may be bad for the Dallas O-line. I love Doug Free but I expect him to have his hands full with Marrio Williams. This is a game that could get ugly for either team, if our line holds up we win big, if it doesn't they win big. Dead even pick again.


@Minnesotta, we got spanked in Minnesotta last year but they are having WR problems and Diva problems. For all the love of Brett Farve I think he might be the most overrated player in the history of sports anywhere. Yet this team is good even without Harvin or Rice. Harvin will be back by this game if not for the regular season. Kosier can not hold up agains the Williams twins in the middle, Colombo injury or not will not hold up well agains Edwards, and I love Doug Free but he will have his hands full with Mr Allen. Not sure I've seen anything that tells me the outcome will be different, Romo still looks shakey under pressure to me throwing errant and off target passes this pre season when pressured, Minnesotta wins this game.


@Green Bay, I'm not sure how good this team is but they look really good right now. They beat us last year in Green Bay and they are a better team this year. Green Bay wins this game.


@ New York, Even with a mass of injuries last year the Giants swept us, Thier young recievers look to me like they are improved. Ward looks like he will take the starting job from Jacobs at running back I think that gives them more versitility. The Giants young recievers look to me like they are improved. The giants get back Phillips and add some veteran help at safety. I read there is some flux about the O-line not playing well right now but we will see. New York wins this game.


@ Indianapolis, I dont like this match up either, a small fast D-line that pressures. An offensive line that can pass protect. Indy matches up well aginst us and should beat us. Indy wins


@ Arizona, who knows who will be the QB at this point for this team. Dallas has the corners to cover the Cardinals recievers and they dont pose much of a rush threat. Dallas O should overwhelm the Cardinal defense. Dallas should win this game.


@ Philadelphia, Kolb looks a little unsure at this point to me. Dallas has the corners to shut the talented Eagles wideouts down. Yet here it is the last game of the year and if Philly does make this game meaningful somehow Philladelphia is going to be crazy. If this game is meaningful I think the home field advantage is big and Philly wins.


I think Dallas loses more games than they win on the road this year. Maybe they win three games or as little as one. What do you guys think?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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