The team with the best Pre-season Record

To put things into perspective for all of you readers out there.  Here is a little trivia for you.  Does can anyone tell me the team with the best preseason record over the last 4 years including this one?  A hint, they have an 11-4 record through 3 games this preseason.

And for the other side of it, can anyone guess the team with the worst preseason record over the last 4 preseasons?  Another hint, they are 4-12 (a hall of fame game was played).

If you guessed the Detroit Lions for the team with the best pre-season record, you are absolutely right.  The Detroit Lions are 11-4 over the last 4 preseasons.  Not that I need to recall their Record during the regular season but just for your information I will.  The Lions are 12-52 in the regular season over the last 4 regular seasons.  Their best season was 2007 with a 7-9 record.

And if for the team with the worst pre-season record you guessed the Indianaopolis Colts, you were right.  Yes, the same team that over the last 4 regular seasons have the best record at 51-13 and have been 2-time AFC Champions playing in the super bowl (2006 & 2009)

Funny how not only the best preseason team has the worst regular season and the worst preseason team has the best regular season record, but their records are almost perfect polar opposites of each other.  Since 2006 the Colts are 51-13 and the Lions are 12-52.  Now this isn't entirely the same case across the board, so you can't say that if your team does bad in the preseason, you'll have a better chance at winning the super bowl.  What it does say is that it tells YOU the VIEWERS the same thing about a team in the preseason as it does the other teams in the Leagues.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except for what players you might be able to get from the waiver wire.  It is a time to choose the 53 you go to war with and the 8 that help prepare them for battle (practice squad).

In preseason, you don't really game plan.  In fact, I have heard rumors of some coaches getting together and working out what they would like to test their teams on, such as how they fair picking up blitzes, stopping the run, etc.

The way that I evaluate the preseason, personally, is mostly by what individual players do on the field, rather than what the team does as a whole.  Which is mostly what the coaches are doing so they can get those 53 to take to war.  Although I do judge the team by one thing:

What is the score when the first teamers step off the field?  So far, up until Houston, I believe we have been winning when our first teamers stepped off the field (Tied in SD last week).

I am not trying to downplay the piss-poor performance by pretty much every player out there against Houston this weekend.  I won't go in depth into individual performances, but when Romo was actually able to throw, he was on target.  It was everyone around him that just couldn't catch, run routes, block, etc.  Akwasi-had a good game too returning kicks I think as well.

Mostly I am just saying please, calm the hell down, everyone.  I am just as passionate about football and my Cowboys as any of you out there.  It is only preseason, so don't take it as a precursor of bad things to come.  Personally, I would rather my team make lots of mistakes in the preseason so they can fix it for the regular season.  I am optimistic as a person, but more than optimism, i'm just stating the facts.  And in two weeks, we get to see REAL COWBOYS FOOTBALL!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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