The Non-Alex Barron Blame Game

Since it's almost 1AM here in Texas and I still can't sleep, I figured I would attempt to break down some of the other key problems the Cowboys had in this game. Feel free to disagree or concur. I for one will now and forever always hate Alex Barron and that smile, but I don't believe games are won or lost on one play like SportsCenter so often suggests.

Jason Garrett

Tonight marked the fourth time that Tony Romo threw the ball over 45 times. The Cowboys are 1-4 in those games. Barber and Felix almost averaged 5 yards a carry but only had nine carries each. While it is easy to chalk this up to panic and the need to produce on offense, this is almost a case of "same song, different verse." Hopefully Garrett will soon break out into a solo like Sean Payton did once he left Dallas.


Tony Romo

I can already hear Terry saying how dumb I am for suggesting this, but think about it for a second. Before the play that made us hate our reserve Lineman forever, Romo had nearly thrown TWO interceptions. Earlier in the game a ton of Romo's throws had been off. Not just with Roy, but with Witten and Ogletree as well. Romo had SIXTEEN incomplete passes. Look Tony, the entire country (and some dudes in Mexico, Thailand, and Germany at least) know how suspect the Line is, but this is your team and you are going to have to trust them and not scramble when there is no real pressure. Let's not forget you not taking a knee with three seconds left. This game reminded me of Denver of 09. Hopefully next week he will have a Kansas City 09 Performance.


David Buehler

Having to kick on the road? Tough. Having to kick at Fed Ex full of almost a hundred thousand drunk, frustrated, hopeful Skins fans for your first kick of the season? Let's just go for it on 4th and 14. What makes matters worst is that Buehler himself has said he sometimes beats himself too bad on misses. How bad do you think it hurts when he kicks himself for costing his team an important score? Especially with Buehler's leg...hopefully he will still have confidence next week(and the coach's)


Whoever called that FRICKIN timeout?

We remember this play right? 3rd and 1, Barber takes it, starts running and there is no Redskin anywhere near him, it looks like he COULD have a TD and...whistles. Timeout, Dallas. Romo ran the play, so it was either Garrett or Wade that did it. To be fair we converted the next play but eventually punted. Apparently every yard mattered in this game, and we lost a ton on our own coaches decision here. 


And for special consideration....

LeBron James

When a nationally hated figure watches at the game as a Boys fan, nothing goes our way. Look at Dubya at the opener last year, now he had Mr. South Beach attending and we all know how much bad karma this guy brought on himself. So in case the Cowboys don't cut Barron, let's just blame the self-titled King. Okay everyone? GO COWBOYS!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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