To Me it is as Simple as this...

Why in the world would you trade for a guy that the other team simply wants a first round bust for in return?

Seriously though I have to ask?  Many people were excited about this trade when it happened, and I saw many comments that at least we got something for him but did anyone actually sit down and realize...


If he was not good enough to start for them why would you want him to begin with?

The Rams, with one win last year, were already playing career backups and he could not even start for that team.  So isn't this a clear indication that he does not even deserve to be a backup in the league?

Now that I am done ranting I will actually tell you my logical thoughts....

Our demise this year will be the inability of our GM's and scouting department to get us some quality young O-line depth.  I have been waiting for them to address this forever, and they still seem to want to bring in more toys like Dez and Roy instead of address a very glaring concern.  Our having to start both Holland and Barron caused Jason Garrett to put a million screen plays in the game plan.  While I still think a better game plan still could have been devised, it still goes back to the point that we have not addressed the O-line in years.

I love having Dez Bryant on our team, do not get me wrong, but maybe it would have been better to have reached in the first round at the next available O-lineman.  I think that Jerry often cares more about making more money in getting the next poster boy, then drafting for the immediate need at hand.  The debate will go on and on about drafting for need or for best player available, but there was only a couple holes in this team in which I saw this year and that was at the safety position and the O-line.  Neither which we have tried to address in the draft for years, it does not matter how many toys you have on the field if you keep putting in bone head O-lineman.  I will be keeping a real keen eye on the college O-lineman this year and I hope we will finally look to address this position a lot earlier this upcoming year.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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