Rivalries, Oline, and Trades


After such a gut wrenching loss, We all feel a real sick feeling in the stomach I'm sure. We have all been left with questions, anger, and venting. Now, after this setback,What is it that we are looking for to satisfy us after what has occured?

The NFL has what it wants- a rivalry renewed. Ask yourself this though- how normal is it to have the NFL without a strong Redskins-Cowboys rivalry? I don't know the answer to that, because it's been so long that the Redskins have been mediocre, that about the only time I think about the Redskins is the week leading up to the game that specific week, not before or after. Well, I'm definitely thinking about the Redskins now, and I can't wait for retribution. I have circled the date on my calender.

Alot of people have been saying bad things about Alex Barron. Understandably so. But I don't blame the messenger for the message. The Cowboys organization has sent the fans the message all along- They never found it a priority to go after weaknesses on the O-line, and now, the bite hurts wirth a sting. Compounding the problem is the bleak outlook of not having serious, developing, nasty talent in the wings. Can there be a rebound from such a situation, with the season already underway?

If I am looking to blame someone for such play, who would it be? I don't prefer to look for blame, rather answers to percieved and real problems. There is no sugar coating it, our O-line needs help, not for just a running game, but to keep Romo alive. Even today, I read on Yahoo that Logan Mankins was still at odds with Robert Kraft, and asked my self this question:

Even if they went out and traded for Mankins, and make him the 57million dollar man, would that be good, and would that be enough? Quincyyyy has had an effect on me about trading for Mankins in repeated posts about the subject.

And if you were thinking Mankins, why not trade for Marcus McNeil? Actually, I was thinking he would be a better 57million dollar man for what ails us. That's not saying that Mankins isn't as good, or better, but could McNeil be a better fit for what ails the Cowboys most on the Oline?

Maybe thinking like this is an overreaction to a bitter loss, or is it? Just the fact that I was desperate enough to think it started making me think that there was some validity to doing it, and somehow saving the season? Create a running game? Save Romo?

I can be armchair GM all I want, but the fact is I really don't know what they do, or if they do anything as far as trades. But the thoughts did occur in my mind..... 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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