Tony Romo and Co.

     We all know what went wrong this Sunday and I'm in the acceptance stage finally. I am moving on to look at the things I noticed about how well Tony Romo and his receivers worked. There were obviously occasional miscues, but on the whole I'm not to dissapointed. So without further ado here we go.

Tony Romo to Miles Austin:

The connection is still alive and well. Calvin Watkins can keep his comments about it being a dumb signing at this juncture, but the guy can play. He comes out to play every game regardless of how much he's making and he's been rewarded for his efforts. Keep it up Miles, you're doing great.

Tony Romo to Roy Williams:

Did anyone grab their pitchfork Sunday because of RW? No. The guy did what he could do, and was what I've wanted all along. Efficient. Don't drop the ball when you get your chances, just move the sticks. Who was jumping up and down when the last play of the game RW catches a broken play TD? I know I was, even though there was an obvious hold this may have some bearing in the future. He had two big clutch plays that didn't get recognized on that final drive. At the beginning of the drive when he torched the D and got tackled by Fletcher for a no call Pass Interference, and the TD. He might have told the truth when he said they have finally been reading the same playbook.  

Tony Romo to Dez Bryant:

This was the first game scenario we have seen the two put in and one thing is already clear. Tony trusts Dez, and Tony wants to get Dez the ball. There was a lot of speculation about when Dez would be worked into the offense during the year, but 8 catches in the first game with no preseason...? That's impressive. They tried getting him involved early on bubble screens, but also targetted him downfield in clutch situations. Dez is going to become more and more of a force the more time he sees, and I'm glad they started early.

Tony Romo and the TE's:

Maybe this game isn't a great measuring stick for the season, but from what it appears Tony Romo is going to have to really more on his receivers the year than in the past. His "security blanket" Jason Witten and Marty B are being employed a lot more blocking than route running so far. Either this will be consistent throughout the year, week to week dependant upon matchup, or just until we get our starting passblockers back in there performing. I would assume Witten still gets his fair share, but not as many as in the past with a questionable line he's a great blocking asset.

Overall I really like what I saw from Romo and Co. and look to see more of the same. If they get a little better every week, and we can get some protection we will be in a perfect place come the end of the season.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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