Where do we go from here?

The seriousness and bitterness of today's loss to the Chicago Bears hasn't really set in yet. That will come during the course of the week for sure. Across the nation, we all can sense the anger and the questions of all the fans, of the why and the how it came to be like this for the Dallas Cowboys. Everyone, and I mean Everyone, is to blame, from Jerry on down. I don't need a report, or statistics, to acknowledge a list of failures. Missed opportunities, bad decisions, turnovers- you name it, and this game had it.

 What Mike Jenkins said is a symptom of this teams mindset, and it bothers me, just like it should bother all Cowboy fans. I know it bothered Lissy enough that he wrote a fanpost about it.

But I don't believe the players are solely to blame for such thinking. Our leadership is complacent. There is no fear of losing a job, no fear of failure. Let's face it, our biggest enemy is not Washington,Chicago, or Houston, or whomever, but ourselves. This is, by definition, Complacency. It's our biggest adversary. 

This is the NFL. There is no Gimme games. Don't get comfortable, and don't get your head too bloated-ever. As soon as you do, you are not far from the unemployment line. Don't get too excited over a victory, and don't get too down about a loss.

After such a stunning loss, you can only be humbled, and take nothing for granted. Maybe that is what we take away from this bitter loss. It should make you go out and work that much harder. Rededicate yourself to your trade, and your fear of failure drives you.

That's what drove Chicago to victory today. Fear of failure. They worked hard, and deserved victory, because they were smart, and they earned it.

Alot of people talk about talent, and how great a pass offense the Cowboys are. I say it doesn't matter. You still have to go out and earn a victory, and work to not be one dimensional on offense, like the Cowboys are forced into being. You have to be smart. If you get a bloated head about how good you are, and believe what people say about you, you are doomed.

If you are a humble person, and are thankful for the things you have in life, rather than have a bloated perception, you will never allow yourself to fail, and that is because it is unacceptable.

So now we come to the real question- Where do we go from here?

Answer- Houston. We go to Houston, and we show heart, gut, and determination, just like Chicago did today. All is not lost yet. Mistakes are correctable.

Work to make smarter decisions. Work to make sure you do your job. Nothing comes easy, and nothing good is supposed to anyway. If the season matters to these players, and coaches, they will rebound in Houston. If it doesn't, then they don't have it, and probably never will, and I don't mean just the players. Then we will have our answer about this team.

What I wouldn't do to see, in the eyes of the players, and the coaches, that look that winning matters, and that defeat is unacceptable. To play like the game has meaning, and not just another team we "underestimated".

To play like it's life or death. A sense of urgency. That's what I'm looking for. They are either going to have it, or not. It's as simple as that.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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