KDP's TEN FOR TEN: Wk 2 results, Wk 3 contest, Leaderboard and some predictions

OK... another tough loss by our Boys in Blue. I felt this one a little more than most, because Dallas lost me a good chunk on a 5 team parlay from the 1pm games. I had the Bucs, Packers, Chiefs, Dolphins and Cowboys, all straight up and the Boys' took a nose dive on me... that my friends is a double gut punch. But we live to fight another day- and here we are with another weekend of football fast approaching.


My 'SURE THING' of the week is the pick where if you had to bet your last dime to try and double up, I'd recommend this game. last week was spot on as I picked KC +2 over Cleveland on the road.  For this week, I am picking multiple games against the spread, plus a SURE THING at the end. If you really don't care what I pick and want to go straight to the contest, poceed to the jump.

For the most part, there are alot of lopsided games on the schedule this week. This looks like it's setting up to be the type of weekend that Vegas hates. Bettors are starting to get a feel for how the season is shaking out, and there will be alot of confidence in those 3 and 4 team parlays and teasers this weekend. By my count, these are the marquee matchups on the schedule. These should in essence be the toughest games to get a read on, I'm just trying to get above 50% on these:


Dallas @ Houston (-2.5) (O/U +- 47.5): This line is interesting to me for this reason.. although Dallas is always a heavy betting favorite. To not even be giving Houston the customary 3 points, you have to think the Vegas brain trust knows something... I don't think Houston has any idea how to pass defend without Dunta Robinson and Romo and the Boys are going to be able to win a shootout. 

Dallas +2.5, Over 47.5

Green Bay (-3) @ Chicago (O/U +-46):  Monday Night Lights and Green Bay getting favored on the road here... the real question to ask yourself is, which team to use as the indicator from last weeks results? Is Chicago that good, or Dallas that bad? I'm going out on a limb here and saying that Chi-town is winning this game. I don't think GB knows what it's going to do on the ground right now. As for the over/under I'm staying away.

Chicago +3.

NYJets @ Miami (-1.5) (O/U +-35): Sunday Night Fever and the Fins are a slight favorite- with the betting minds thinking that the Jets are the better team. I'm not so sure about that. I think that with Revis out, Pace out, Holmes still suspended and Braylon Edwards a wild card (could go in the tank or breakout) that Miami wins as it finally unleashes Brandon Marshall on the world. I'm thinking 20-14 or 20-17, so I have to stay away from the O/U.

Miami -1.5

SURE THING (1-0): being that it's lopsided week, there are a couple games I'm confident will go the way i'm thinking, but for the SURE THING bet, I'll pick...

Eagles(-3) @ Jaguars

Cool, so on to TEN FOR TEN.

Last weeks best picker: There was a 5way tie with 7 correct picks each: KDP, Jeremiah24, Creasy729, rangerider and Benthere

Overall leader: KDP+13. I know yall not gonna let me win my own contest!!!


Here are the results for those that picked last week. The number in (parenthesis) after the name indicates their total score going into the week. The way things are shaping up, I'll award a prize to the first person that goes 10 for 10, and the winner at the end of the season.


scotcowboyfan (7):+5

KDP (6): +7

BishopWest (6): +6

nikeorlipstick (6): 

aussie_cowboy (6):

lxblssng (6): 

TCB Orange DIno (6):

JBell523 (5):

levcd (5): +5

Creasy729 (5):+7

thebigham (5): +6

Jeremiah24 (5): +7

Static (5): 

cwby4lf (5):

Deef Chief (4): +6

xailin (4):

IMHO (4): +5

.FRoST.USAF (3):

CowboysFan4Life (2):

rangerider(0): +7

JLMax09(0): +5

fansince'65(0): +6

Alexcomestokill(0): +5

Benthere(0): +7

Kegbearer(0): +5

jockmeister(0): +5

One.Cool.Customer(0): +5

AperfectStar(0): +6


SanFran @ Kansas City

Dallas @ Houston

Cincy @ Carolina

Cleveland @ Baltimore

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Pittsburg @ Tampa Bay

Tennesee @ NYGiants

Detroit @ Minny

Buffalo @ New England

Washington @ St Louis

Philly @ Jacksonville

San Diego @ Seattle

Oakland @ Arizona

Indy @ Denver

NY Jets @ Miami

Green Bay @ Chicago


GOOD LUCK! The bye weeks start in week 4 and 10 for 10 will get THAT much harder! Please 'rec' to keep it up top.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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