How I would run the offseason

There is no doubt that offensive line and secondary are our two biggest need areas.  I have never been a big fan of filling holes on your team with FA's.  They tend to be older players and you almost always have to overpay for them, but sometimes it is inevitable. 

First thing you have to do is trim players who are overpaid or underperforming on your team. 

1.  Barber.  He is both overpaid and underperforming and saw his role diminish last season. 

2.  Colombo.  He tries hard but his body just won't let him play anymore.

3.  Brooking.  It was good while it lasted but he showed this year that he should not be starting anymore.

4.  Kosier.  FA who will be allowed to leave. 

5.  Sensabaugh.  While I like him more than most, he has said that he will test FA and will probably get more than we're willing to pay.

Players who could be released if someone else steps up and takes their spot.

1.  Roy Williams.  He's overpaid and underperforms but we are thin at WR.  Austin and Bryant will start but after that there's not much.

2.  Newman.  Still a decent player although his skills are diminishing.  Stays around for much the same reason as Williams.  Jenkins really regressed, Scandrick is better suited for the slot, and McCann is still an unknown.

3.  Davis.  He's still an average player and while he should be released its very hard to replace two lineman let alone three.

Players brought in through FA

1. David Baas.  Only played in 5 games this season with the 49ers but has started many games at LG in his career.  Should also come cheap.

2.  Quinton Mikell.  Another player who is 30 but replaces Sensabaugh very well.  It also weakens the Eagles.

3.  Darren Sproles.  May seem like an odd sign but he does so many things.  Saw his role decrease with San Diego this season.  Steps in to return punts and kicks and is a great third down back and receiver.


I truly believe that by the time we pick at 9 all the players we would want are gone.  However with 2 QB's still on the board Jacksonville decides to move up from 16 and take one of them.  We receive their 1st (16), 3rd (16), and 2012 4th round pick.

1st round (16th).  Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa. Has a great motor and was productive at Iowa.  I'm high on the idea of taking a DE in the 1st round but I don't feel any offensive lineman should go this high.

2nd round (8th).  DeMarcus Love, OT, Arkansas.  Big mauler type of lineman that will step in and start right away at RT.

3rd round (7th).  Curtis Brown, CB, Texas.  Add some depth to a very thin CB group.  Good size and speed should be able to allow him to contribute right away.  Won't start but will see a lot of time as a rookie.

3rd round (16th).  Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina.  Could be a 1st round pick if healthy but being injured he will fall.  Dallas is happy to pick him up here.

4th round (13th).  Lee Ziemba, G, Auburn.  Big lineman who was part of a very good run blocking line at Auburn.  Will be groomed to be Davis' replacement.

5th round (12th).  Mario Harvey, ILB, Marshall.  Type of hard working player that can be groomed to start alongside Lee for many years.  Very good run support player.

6th round (11th).  Dane Sanzenbacher, WR, Ohio St.  You may be wondering why take another WR.  The answer is that it is a thin position.  Williams is a release candidate, Hurd really hasn't shown much, and Ogletree fell off this year.  Sanzenbacher is a small guy who would be perfect working the slot.

7th round (18th).  Kai Forbath, K, UCLA.  Buehler was inconsistent and if Brown performs well then we might be stuck with 2 game day kickers.  I hate that.  Forbath replaces both of them.

The draft brings at least 2 maybe as many as 4 new starters.  This team isn't far from being in the Super Bowl but some things need to change.  At the very least they should all make the roster and contribute in some way was rookies.

I fell this is a realistic approach to the offseason with only maybe not that many FA's being signed.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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