My Off-Season Wishlist

For Starters:

This is my first FanPost and I would like to say this is a fantastic website and I'm glad I found it. I was sick of seeing my ESPN homepage every day. Glad to know I finally have a page that is all about our Cowboys.

This Season sucked. Reflecting on it, week one really set the tone for what was due to be a disaster season. Alex Barron's hold was pretty much the story of the season. Barron's hold, David Buehlers PAT, Roy's fumble, the list goes on and on. However, with the firing of Wade and the hiring of Garrett and Rob Ryan the confidence I had before the season started is slowly being restored. So enough with the past, here is what I would do if I was JJ:

Cut/Trade Marion Barber

The time has come. I am a MAJOR supporter of Tashard Choice and I think it's time to make him our number two. Barber is getting paid like a pro-bowler and is producing like a practice squader. When Choice has had the opportunity he has done work. Tashard and Felix will be one of the most dynamic 1 2 punches in the NFL if used right, and it's about time we make that happen. Farewell MB.

Pursue a major name CB

Notice the word pursue, not sign. I would like us to make an attempt at signing Nnamdi or Champ Bailey (If he has played his last game in a Denver uni). Either one of these would be an immense amount of help. Newman is getting old and Jenkins needs someone to push him to his potential. I was major gung-ho on Jenkins after '09 but it seemed almost every game he got called for at least one PI call. If both Nnamdi and Champ fall through, drafting Patrick Peterson or Prince is a must, even if it means trading up for a second consecutive year.

Move Terence Newman to S

I know this will get a lot of eyebrows raised but I think Newman would be brilliant back there. He still has the speed and the hands to be a more than effective player in the league and even a game changer, but he is to the point where covering an elite number 1 WR is too much for him. CUT ALAN BALL and put Newman's experience back there with a rising Gerald Sensabaugh. If this and getting another CB is accomplished, our secondary will have improved incredibly.

Sign or draft more depth at the ILB posistion

I love Keith Brooking, but his tackling is getting extremely shaky for his age. I am a fan of Bradie James, but I think they need another person here to add depth.

I love the way the off-season has gone so far. We hired IMO the right man for the job, and we have hired an extremely exciting D CORD in Rob Ryan. It's time for the NFL and the PA to get their stuff together and pass the CBA so the countdown to the 2011 season can begin.

Thanks for the read!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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