How they Fit...A look at the 2011 Dallas "D"- The "A" Team

Well it is nearing that time...Draft Day...And Dallas has the #9 pick in the Draft....There have been many mocks and Suggestions as to who Dallas should pick with, however most of them go like this, "(insert player name here) is a stud!! He would immediately upgrade(pick one, DL,LB opp. Ware, Secondary). However I want to look at each player and See just where and How they could impact....We start with My Personal Favorite Prince Amukamara...Hey its my fanPost....I will state that I feel the CBA will get done shortly after the Draft....this statement applies to any and all Draft/ Free agent related FanPosts that I do.

Update- I apparently was not clear with the direction of this series. I will be looking at certain players and trying to forecast where they would play using Dallas' current roster as a guideline. I will be giving other options, such as if Dallas gets "player X", and adjusting the roster to fit. Any opinions expressed are My opinions only and do not reflect the opinions of the Dallas Cowboys, SB Nation or their affiliates.  

So there are some that are saying Prince is the 3rd or 4th best CB in the Draft. But what about Safety? The man is 6-0 projected to run a 4.49 40, is known as a solid tackler(doesn't go for the "big hit" but wraps up) and has shown excellent Coverage skills.. Now Dallas still has TNew, Jenkins, Scandrick, McCann, and hopefully Teddy Williams on the roster, and I don't see Dallas moving any of them. However for Safeties Dallas has Senabaugh, Ball, McCray, Church, Owusu-Ansah and Sendejo as Safeties, I don't see Ball or Sensei staying here, and McCray, Church and Sendejo are UDFA's from last year...While Dallas has had success with UDFA's, Church and Sendejo are more "in the Box" Safeties, while McCray and AOA are more Coverage type Safties. Of these I see AOA being the Lead horse to win one of the Safety spots for next year....So Who mans the other spot? Does Dallas Go with Church/Sendejo for run Support, or with McCray for Coverage? Why not Both?

If Dallas Drafts Prince you have a Player who can help with Run support,plus has played a lot at CB thus can still play Coverage if needed. With Prince I see the Secondary Shaping up like this(assuming 53 man+PS)...

RCB-Jenkins, SS- Prince, FS- AOA, LCB TNew, ( the "A"- Team)

Back ups RCB- Scandrick, SS-Church, FS-McCray, LCB-McCann

I am not done yet....What if instead of moving Prince, Dallas moves Newman to FS?  Then the Roster breaks down like this:

RCB- Jenkins, SS- Prince, FS- TNew, LCB-Scandrick

Backups become this:

RCB- McCann SS-McCray, FS- AOA, LCB- Teddy Williams

Another Possibility would be this:

RCB-Jenkins, SS-FA(mike huff?) FS- Scandrick,  LCB- Prince

BAck ups would be RCB- TNew(with renegotiated contract) SS-AOA, FS-McCray LCB- McCann

Of course the Dream Scenario: A complete "A" team

RCB- Asomugha, SS-AOA, FS- Atogwe,LCB- Amukamara

Backups would be RCB-Jenkins, SS-Church FS- McCray, LCB- Scandrick


Now I would Prefer to Move Prince as it allows for more Depth at the Safety and CB positions, though moving Tnew has its advantages, experience is NOT one of them. Remember Dallas has a new DC, thus everyone will be starting fresh. This is also why I say AOA has the inside track on the other starting S spot due to his"high Football IQ" Here is the Infamous Prince vs Blackmon Video:

Justin Blackmon vs. Prince Amukamara (2010) (via MARI0clp)


Prince Amukamara | 6’0, 205 pounds | Projected 40Time: 4.42 – 4.57
Justin Blaclmon | 6’1, 208 pounds | Projected 40Time: 4.45 – 4.64

Play 01 – Prince stays with Blackmon, but gives up positioning.

Play 02 – Prince stays with Blackmon and keeps his eyes on the QB knowing he’ll have help in the middle, perfectly played.

Play 03 – Prince started off good, but it looked like he slipped when Blackmon made the cut-back. This could be due to the field or over playing the streak route.

Play 04 – Good, quick, reaction to the TE catch, but isn’t strong enough to stop the TE from making the first down. Not good if moved to Safety.

Play 05 – In position to make a play and was completely out-muscled. He couldn’t stay in front of him man on this jump ball and it seems because he was over-running the play even though he was looking right at the ball.

Look at Derrelle Revis’ technique at playing a jump ball.

00:21 and 02:56

Play 06 – Couldn’t shed the block fast enough to prevent the first-down.

Play 07 – Prince didn’t bump his man at the line and allowed the receiver to fly by him. Takes too long to look back and seems to have a problem determining where the ball will land after it’s thrown.

Play 08 – This was a trick play and once again Prince didn’t bump his man. On top of that he had an opportunity to stop this play, but every time he looks at the ball he can’t determine where its coming down.

Play 09 – Stood with his man, but refuses to put a hand on him at the line. He did bump him at the 33-yard-line, which I did like.

Play 10 – Again, good defense, but he still not physical enough at the line. I did like the bump at the 12-yard-line to keep his man to the outside.

Play 11 – Sheds off the blocker quicker then on Play 06.

Play 12 – Good defense at the start of the play, but couldn’t stay with his man while the QB extended the play.


Now what I see is a Really good Corner falling victim to an effective gameplan+ a great Receiver/QB combo. Nothing there makes me say "WOW that that was an Epic Fail!"  Prince usually had good position on Blackmon, but still got beat by either Blackmon coming back to the Ball,(hard to stop), getting out jumped(hard to stop) or the Ball just being in the Perfect spot(Impossible to stop). Either way he still was able to make the Tackle on most of the Catches, which tells me that he is a good Corner that would be an excellent FS. Tell me this...if he is that god against one of the Best WR's how would you feel with him against ANY TE? I would say that there wont be much TE action going on. Not to mention that this is considered his worst game. But I digress...

 I would like to make this a Weekly Feature however I will let you guys decide that....POLL TIME!!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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