Dan Campbell Not Coming To Dallas; Jason Garrett Talks Rob Ryan

The Dallas Cowboys are still trying to finalize a coaching staff, but don't seem to be in any particular hurry. We've heard nothing definitive since they announced the hiring of Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator last week. KD did a great job of updating where we are in this article.

Since then, we've had one firm update. Dan Campbell, a former Cowboys tight end for a few years, was being interviewed for an assistant offensive line coach position. Turns out that Dan isn't coming to Dallas.

Despite meeting with Jason Garrett and the Cowboys’ coaches twice in the last two weeks, former Cowboys tight end Dan Campbell is staying on Miami’s coaching staff this season. Campbell will be the Dolphins’ tight ends coach after spending last year as an assistant offensive line coach.

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That means that the only other guy that we know of still in the running is Bruce Matthews over in Houston. He has also interviewed for the job and formerly played under offensive line coach Hudson Houck. The speculation is that Houck will be getting an assistant because he will be named offensive run game coordinator in addition to his offensive line position. Though not announced officially, it's expected John Garrett will become passing game coordinator, to complement Houck as running game coordinator. 

But again, this is all speculation as Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones have been pretty tight-lipped about the current going-ons at Valley Ranch.

Garrett did take some time to discuss his most prominent hire. Here's Jason Garrett on Rob Ryan, taking a side-swipe at all the stories about his and Ryan's personalities working together.

"I've just admired how he's coached and I've admired how his defenses have played. And certainly his personality is a bonus," Garrett said in his weekly "Cowboys Huddle" television segment, scheduled to air on KTVT-11 in Dallas this Sunday. "I think he's a guy that people respond to. If you walk down the hall you respond to him. If you're in a meeting room you respond to him. And certainly out on the practice field and in a game situation, you respond to this guy. He has a track record of that.

"He's fun to be around. He works his players hard but they love to play for him."

And what is it that Garrett likes about the way Ryan's defenses have played?

Like Buddy and Rex, Rob is known as an aggressive play-caller that likes to pressure the quarterback. On film, though, Garrett also sees Ryan's defenses staying fundamentally sound.

"It's an attractive scheme," he said.

Aggressive and fundamentally sound? I'm sure we'd all take that.

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