Cwbys O-DI: Cameron Jordan, Another Look.

I know ChiaCrack wrote about Cameron Jordan a while back, but I feel that our 9th pick should be spent on Cameron Jordan. Let me explain why.

Today, both North and South Teams, of the Senior Bowl, were in practice.

Scott Wright, from DraftCountdown, noted Cameron Jordan as the 3rd Most Impressive player at the weight-in. He said this of Cameron Jordan.

"Just a large man and you can tell he comes from an athletic family." at the weight-in.

"I’ll save most of the notes for the actual report but Cal DE Cameron Jordan was absolutely dominant again today. It was obvious that Jordan was the star of the show because afterwards he was mobbed by reporters, including ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. I actually interviewed Jordan for the site a few weeks ago and he is an extremely impressive young man. Don’t be surprised when he sneaks into the Top 15 overall, at worst." after North practice.


Shane Hallam, also from DraftCountdown, said this of Cameron Jordan.

"North practice today was simply AWESOME. I got to get a deep look into the trenches and at the quarterbacks. We will have a full report up late late tonight, but Cal’s Cameron Jordan is making major dollar. He has been unblockable and blown past everyone. Playing DT, DE, it doesn’t matter." after North practice.


Wes Bunting, from National Football Post, said this of Cameron Jordan.

"I thought coming into the Senior Bowl week that California DL Cameron Jordan was the best senior prospect in the nation, and after a solid performance yesterday, the man took his game to another level today. Jordan was downright dominant at times as a pass rusher using his impressive initial burst, his violent/long arms and relentless motor to consistently slip blocks on contact and work his way into the backfield. He was effective both on the outside and lined up as a three-technique, and even played the run well at the point of attack inside. He was the one guy who I saw potentially making a move toward the top 10 with a dominant week and this was the kind of performance I was expecting from him." after North practice.


Russ Lande, from Sporting News, said this of Cameron Jordan.

"California defensive end Cameron Jordan had an excellent practice Tuesday morning at the Senior Bowl. He easily defeated every offensive tackle in one-on-one drills, showing the great quickness, athleticism and pass-rush skills to clearly back up our season-long prediction that he would be a top-10 pick. Now, everyone is seeing what we saw in the summer on film."


Rob Rang, from NFLDraftScout, said this of Cameron Jordan

"Jordan was too dominant, at times. His burst upfield landed him in trouble with the Bengals' coaching staff during a full 11-on-11 scrimmage at one point, when he hit quarterback Ricky Stanzi to force a fumble."


We can go on all day.. the point is that Cameron Jordan, after the Senior Bowl, will become the number 1 DE prospect and if he falls to #9 we should grab him without a consideration in the world. He is versatile, can play the run and rush the passer with the variety of pass-rush moves. He's strong and can shed-off blocks. High football IQ, awareness, tough and hard worker.

What more can you ask for in a player?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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