Newbie Mock Draft Thoughts

Hello fellow Cowboy comrades.  I’m new to the community here, but I thought I’d try my hand at mocking up the draft for our beloved boys. BTB has got to be the best quality Cowboys site around.  Love reading everyone's stuff.  Here are my thoughts:

Assuming the blue chippers are gone, trade #9 to a team trying to jump in front of Washington for a QB - somewhere mid to late first, and pick up an additional 2nd rounder.  This extra pick early would really help us cover more needs.  We have a lot of the big pieces in place already with our stars -- Romo, Austin, Dez, Felix, Witten, Ware, Ratliff.  We just need to get some quality youth and depth in trenches, and we need to address our secondary.  Here we go.

1) RT Gabe Carimi—solidify that hole at the RT position with a sure thing. We don’t need another LT like Tyron Smith (who will likely be gone if we trade back); Free is going to get paid like a LT anyway.  Get the road-grader on the right side to regain some nastiness in the run blocking department. 

2a) 3-4DE Muhammad Wilkerson—so we don’t get a Cam Jordan at DE, this guy will still help get that extra rush from the 3-4 DE position that we’ve been missing to help alleviate those doubles on Rat.  Not a bad consolation prize at all. (Although with the recent Senior Bowl news about Cam Jordan, I’m thinking if he’s there at 9, we should pull the trigger)

2b) G Marcus Cannon/Jason Pinkston/Danny Watkins—keeping it in the trenches with our third straight OL/DL pick. We need to reestablish dominance and youth along the line of scrimmage. Any of these college tackles plugs in well at RG for Leonard Bigg Davis. Right side of the line is re-made for years to come. Worry about replacing Gurode and Kosier next year or through FA.

3) SS DeAndre McDaniel/Ahmad Black—we need a hammering playmaker that can still cover a bit.  Either guy flies around and makes plays—both on WRs and on the ball.  Not the fastest 40s, but few wasted movements. Let Sensabaugh walk.

4) FS Deunta Williams—Re-stocking the middle of our secondary will greatly improve our CB play.  Jenkins, Scandrick, Newman and McCann are more than serviceable once they regain confidence with adequate help over the top.  Williams slides due to injury, and we catch his fall in the 4th.  Let him compete with AOA; may the best man win.

5) ILB Kelvin Sheppard/Colin McCarthy/Casey Matthews—need some depth behind Bradie James and Sean Lee for sure. Any of these guys could be solid and could grow into a starter in a year or two when Bradie is all done.

6) RB Bilal Powell/Da’Rell Scott—MB3 out, another punishing RB with more tread on the tires in.

7) WR Aldrick Robinson/ Jeff Maehl—WR depth to compete with Ogletree for the 3rd spot once Roy Williams is gone.

A draft like this would infuse the team with a talented core of youth at a lot of positions of need without reaching.  It would cover most of our big holes. 

We would still need to consider some bargains through FA, possibly at corner if Newman is gone, and a nickel coverage LBer.  This draft would really allow us to pick and choose our FAs and not overpay.  It might be scary to start rookies at both safety spots, so maybe a vet could be used there as well to let AOA, Williams, McDaniel/Black grow into their roles a bit. 

Another possible concern is that neither McDaniel nor Black are there in the 3rd.  I’d say use the 2b pick on one of them and see what’s left in the 3rd for the guard spot.  Danny Watkins could probably still be had, and OL depth seems to be good this year.

That’s my dream mock. I’m new to posting boys, but I’ve been enjoying the quality discussion here for a while.  Thoughts on the viability and quality of this mock?  Anyone you’d switch out?  What FAs would pair well with a draft like this?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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