How They would Fit...the Its Miller Time! at ILB? edition (Newly Updated)

OK, It appears that Von Miller has been really impressing the scouts at the Senior Bowl. So much that he is starting to be considered a Top 5 pick. So what would happen if Dallas drafted Von Miller? Well, that is what I want to discuss. But first to get the obligatory disclaimer out of the way... 

This series is looking at specific players and how they would fit into the Dallas roster using the current roster as a baseline.  I will be giving other options, such as if Dallas gets "player X", and adjusting the roster to fit. Also I will be using the top free agents in this role, for the simple fact that A) Jerry likes to "go Big", and B) it is my post. Any opinions expressed are my opinions only and do not reflect the opinions of the Dallas Cowboys, SB Nation or their affiliates.  Now that that is done...It's Miller Time!!!

Now let's look at the stats that we have for Von Miller:

College: Texas A&M     Number: 40
Height: 6-3   Weight: 237 
Position: OLB  Pos2: ILB
Class/Draft Year: Sr/2011
40 Time: 4.56      40 Low: 4.46   40 High: 4.67 
Projected Round: 1  Stock:     
Rated number 1 out of 249 OLB's 

Stats in vacuum tell us very little, so let's compare these to our resident sack master DeMarcus Ware:

College: Troy     Number: 94
Height: 6-4   Weight: 251 
Position: OLB  Pos2: Pass Rush End
Class/Draft Year: Sr/2005
40 Time: 4.56      40 Low:    40 High:  
Projected Round: 1  Stock: 

Rated number 2 out of 109 OLB's

Here is Bradie James (who i think Von Miller would replace)

College: LSU     Number: 11
Height: 6-3   Weight: 242 
Position: ILB  Pos2: 
Class/Draft Year: Sr/2003
40 Time: 4.71      40 Low:    40 High:  
Projected Round: 4  Stock:     
Rated number 7 out of 34 ILB's 

Now this tells us a couple of things, 1. DeMarcus is a beast (which we already know) and 2. Von Miller looks like he could be pretty good. Von Miller is projected to match DeMarcus in the 40 yard dash. However, he is an inch shorter, and 14 pounds lighter than D-Ware, so he is not as fast pond for pound, though few are. However, he is in the same range as D-Ware, and is a lot faster than Bradie James, and has shown the same explosive first step as D_Ware. So do we have a D-ware clone on our hands? Look here for a link that will determine it. If Von Miller puts up numbers similar to this... He would go top 5 maybe top 3 (Bills would be the first to take him as I don't think he projects well into a 4-3 at the Pro level , though I could be wrong). So let's pretend that Von Miller blows up the combine, but somehow Dallas still gets him. Here is how I see the roster shaking out:

Weak side LB D-Ware, Mike- LB Von Miller, Sam- LB Sean Lee, Strong Side LB Anthony Spencer

Backups WsLB- Victor Butler, Mike LB Leon Williams, Sam LB- Bradie James, Ss LB- Brandon Williams

He  has shown enough potential to replace Bradie James IMO. As an offensive coordinator, would you want to see this line up in a 3rd and long  any situation:

LB's-  WSOLB- Ware, MILB- Miller, SILB- Sean Lee, SSOLB- Anthony Spencer

D-Line- Bowen, Ratliff, Hatcher

That could be that best pass rushing front 7 in the league with Rex Ryan at the many possibilities...

You could move Ware and Spencer, or Spencer and Von Miller, or get really funky..

WOLB Sean Lee, SILB- Spencer, MILB- Ware, SOLB-Von MIller...

Just thinking about the various combinations at just line throw in moving Spencer and/or Ware at the DE's spot with Butler and/or Williams coming in....MMMMMMMM

Here is a good video of Von Miller for your viewing pleasure....


Von Miller- 2011 NFL draft review (via BlueRoysterCult)

Well, it appears that the Scouts where dead on with Von Miller. What I saw was a very good pass rusher who maybe doesn't have the multiple "moves". However, I did see flashes of D-Ware, and would love to see this kid get taken under Ware's wing. IF he falls to Dallas at number 9, Dallas would have two Awesome fast ILB's that could cause massive havoc on a moment's notice. If some of you are wondering how Miller would Hold up in Coverage here is a tidbit from Senior Bowl Practice:

01/26/11 - SENIOR BOWL PRACTICE, TUESDAY: When watching tight ends, it is nearly impossible not to also watch a team's linebackers, both in their ability to hold up against run blocking, as well as in coverage. The top linebacker on the field today was Texas A&M star Von Miller--and that's not even considering his work as a pass rusher in one-on-one drills. Miller surprised scouts at Monday's weigh-in with his thick lower body, which he used to hold up Williams and Stocker when man-up on run plays. His coverage skills are what really stood out, though, as the quick Williams could not separate from Miller on out routes because of the former Aggie's own lateral agility and speed. A linebacker with Miller's closing speed to the quarterback, who also can be effective in coverage, is destined for a slot in the top 20 overall selections. - Chad Reuter,

Now Von Millers biggest Knock is his "run Support...However by Moving him inside you minimize that while creating a Huge mismatch, with Miller in behind Ratliff. Do you double Ratliff, and hope that Miller doesn't blitz? Or do you Single Ratliff, and hope that your Guard can handle Miller? Then you factor D-ware into the Equation....

Well here is where I leave you...POLL TIME!!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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