"Take the Senior Bowl with a Grain of Salt"

I know a lot of people look at the Senior Bowl as a chance to measure the top college players going against top notch competition, but that just isn't the case. As much as we would love to think that this game could give us any more insight about the top players, it really doesn't.

What If I took you out of your comfort zone, threw you in with a bunch of guys and coaches you don't know and ask you to do things that you haven't done all year. Could you do it? Well, what I meant to say is, can you do it at the same level and intensity as you have all season long? The answer would most likely be "No". I'm not making any excuses for any of the guys that played in this game, but let's keep it real.

Now some guys were exposed for the players that I personally think they are. I start with Nate Solder, OT, Colorado. This guy has been over-hyped the last couple of weeks and finally people get a chance to see what I have been saying all along, he will be a bust. I've looked at Solder from every possible angle that I can and I keep getting the same result: he's not a first round pick. Let's only hope that the Cowboys were watching the same game as I was and don't dare pick Solder at #9. I guarantee that Solder drops out the first round in a lot of mock drafts next week, if he doesn't, I'll be surprised.

In my last post "Trade Down" I suggested that the Cowboys take Derek Sherrod with the #12 pick in the draft. Sherrod showed a lot of people why I think he's the best tackle prospect in this year's draft. The kid is solid against the pass and run. He'll be good at either tackle spot in my opinion. There is just something a player gains by playing in the SEC.

Let's move on to RB. Let me be honest, I think that DeMarco Murray will be a great pick for any NFL team to take after the third round. If a team can be patient and take Murray in the third round or later they should get a good player with a chip on his shoulder. Noel Devine is a player that I wouldn't waste a pick on, maybe I'm wrong, but this guy just doesn't fit the bill. Devine was supposed to be this year's Dexter Mcluster, but trust me, he's not. If I'm a GM, I sign him to an undrafted FA deal at best.

When it comes to defense, I find myself in a bind, when the defense can't blitz and some guys are playing out of position, it's hard to really evaluate.

I liked what I saw in Von Miller, he continues to show me that he may be more diverse than I would like to give him credit for. I'm starting to believe that Miller might be able to play every LB position, even inside. I might have counted Miller short and for that I apologize, but only time will tell what type of player he'll be.

Cameron Jordan wasn't very impressive, but I think he was solid, they moved him around the Dline a lot, so it's hard to really evaluate what he can do. Plus the fact that the teams were not allowed to blitz and mix up things like I would have liked to see.

It made me sad to see Jake Locker struggle the way he did, I thought this would have been the perfect opportunity  for Locker to shine and improve his draft status. Now I give Locker a pass, he was just thrown in the mix with WRs he's not familiar with and asked to produce. I thought Andy Dalton from TCU would have given me more but then again, new coaches, new WRs and new scheme and you get the same result, a struggling QB.

There were a lot of things I could take from the Senior Bowl but I take them all with a Grain of Salt.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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