Back To Greatness, The Start of the Jason Garrett Era

Tomorrow morning most likely Jason Garrett will be named our new head coach, and I feel that this is the right step back to being great. As you all know the star stands for something, its not just some logo a sports team uses with no meaning. The star to me has always been about greatness and a rich team history. Now I am only 26 but I have witnessed greatness. The 90's were a era of greatness that was the best moments of football for my young life. Jason Garrett was a part of that greatness, he knows firsthand what it takes to be great.

Garrett stands for all that the star stands for. He is trying to create a culture and a great winning attitude with this football team. Garrett is stern and wants things to be in control. Since we had Bill Parcells as our head coach, I haven't witnessed this type of culture in Dallas since. Wade let things go, he was soft and too often tried to be the players friend, instead of being their coach. Garrett doesn't want to be your friend, he wants to be your head coach, but that doesn't mean Garrett doesn't want to have fun. Garrett is stern but young enough to know there is a line to be drawn, and a mixture of these things proves well to the chemistry of the team. Parcells IMO was too much of a hardass, not knowing when to mix it up. Garrett will find a way to balance these things out. But even the small things Garrett is doing will have a major long term impact on the culture of the team. Like having a dress code on road trips, now that might seem petty or small but this is a business, when you step out into the media you are representing the Dallas Cowboys, not only yourself. I want our players to maintain a business like approach to things, be about your business.

Garrett was under Jimmy Johnson was we all know, and was the backup to Troy Aikman, so he learned from alot of the best in the business. I really think if we want to get back to a high level, the level of greatness than we should allow Garrett to have influence on who is hired for the staff. Now IMO Sherman has done a great job as our WR coach, and I still believe he should get a shot, or at least get the chance to interview for the OC job. A man of his qualiity and the way he can talk to players has a great chance of being a good coach on a higher level than where he is now. I like that Garrett wanted Cryst from Wisconsin to come in for that OC, but all reports seem to look like Cryst will be heading to Austin to take the Longhorn job. Now I am not really sure where that leaves in the hunt for OC, but Cryst really did fit the bill. He had ties to the head coach, a commitment to the run game, loves a balanced attack, and valued a strong OL. DC I still think Garrett should have some sort of input on, because getting back to greatness isn't the GM just picking everything he damn well pleases, let the new head coach have some imput. Reports are that our former secondary coach and current Miami Dolphinsassistant head coach and secondary coach Todd Bowles. Bowles has history with the franchise, he coached here from 04-07. A big part of getting this defense back, is getting the right DC to take this defense back to level we need it to be at.

Alot of players need to go, they don't represent the greatness we need to be at. Roy Williams Marion Barber Marc Columbo Leonard Davis Keith Brooking and Igor Olshansky. These players are either too costly, aging, or have not enough skill left. Getting back to where we need to be needs to start with cutting the fat off and move forward, yes its easier said than done, but there comes a time when a player just makes too much money and isnt holding up to their end of the contract. We need to continue to bring a high quality player, but not be scared of by talented players with issues, like a Dez Bryant. Because sometimes those "issues" are minor and blow out of proportion.

This draft is one of the few blessings from this season. We have a top 10 draft pick, and its a situation that we need to have a homerun in. We drafted great players during the 90's Mike Irvin Emmitt Smith Troy Aikman Russell Maryland Leon Lett Darren Woodson. The draft has always been a key are to improve your team in, and teams can have a homerun draft and be contenders the next season. I have seen this with the Falcons and Ravensrecently. See we don't need to go out and get a franchise QB, we have a Pro Bowl QB. We have 2 premier WR's, a premier pass rusher, a premier DL, we have alot of the pieces in place, so maybe getting back to greatness isn't that far away. We aren't your average 6-10 team, there is alot of talent here, I think more talent and the right coaching is going to big things for us.

I just wanted to write a little post on The Garrett Era, because most likely tomorrow morning or so, it will begin. This should be a exciting time for us, even though its playoff time and football is still being played. But when is the last time you were actually excited for a head coach hiring? When Wade was hired, I wasn't thrilled. When a guy like Garrett is finally getting the promotion he deserves, its something to get pumped up about guys. The Draft is my favorite time of the year and Chia Crack will dedicate many fanposts to the draft. Soon I will release a mock draft, but I am going to wait at least until after the National Championship and we get a better look at draft prospects, but I do have a BUNCH of players that I already like, some you can read about it Crack Hits Episode 3.

Until next time folks, look forward to Garrett's press conference tommorow, finally we are moving in the right direction, lets all jump on board.

All I know is Garrett represents the star.......................and greatness.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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