Breaking the Bank: Nnamdi Asomugha

Since we only have the playoffs to watch as some other team hoists the Lombardi, I decided I would skip ahead to Free Agents. I will cover the player's stats this year, their career stats, the top five contracts for said player's position, and a few interesting tidbits that I can find. There will also be a poll where you can vote if the free agent is worth it . Please fee free to make any additions/suggestions/tell me how awesome or awful the analysis is. If this goes well I may make BtB posts for other big free agents like Logan Mankins and Haloti Ngata

Stats (2010)

Nnamdi Asomugha started in 14 games, making 19 tackles. He suffered a right ankle injury in the fourth quarter in a Week 8 blowout and consequently missed a Week 9 divisional win against KC, and a blowout loss in Week 11 against Pitsburgh. In his absence, both QBs threw for at least 250 yards and two TDs.

While the Oakland Raiders did not make the playoffs this season, with their defense being the culprit more than once, Nnamdi still had a good year. According to, "according to STATS LLC, Asomugha was targeted on just 33 pass attempts this season. He allowed 13 completions for 205 yards and no touchdowns, burnishing his reputation as a shutdown cornerback."

Stats (Career)

An interesting red flag comes up when examining Nnamdi's numbers: he only has 11 interceptions in his career. To put that in perspective, Gerald Sensabaugh had five interceptions just this season! However, he does have 54 passes defensed (That sounds soooo grammatically wrong...)

Another red flag on Nnamdi's resume is the fact that he has a history of injuries. Nnamdi's two game absence may only be his career high, but he has only played in every game of the season for three of his eight seasons. For a free agent, durability is something that must be considered.

Top five contracts

Dartelle Revis - received a four year, $32 million dollar deal in 2010

Tramon Williams - received a four year extension in 2010, averaging about $8.2 million a year

Nnamdi's old deal - super complicated, but his first two years were about $50 million in guaranteed money (!!!)

Marcus Trufant-  six-year, $50.2 million deal with a $10 million signing bonus in 2008

Nate Clements- eight year, $80 million deal, $22 million guaranteed, 2007

These numbers are eye-popping, but it seems that recently the going price is eight million a year, about what the FO paid Roy Williams...

Interesting tidbits

For this section I plan on taking stuff from other SB Nation blogs, so I went over and saw this article on the front page, it's an open letter to Nnamdi:

Give it a read if you have time, especially the comments below. A lot is discussed, and apparently Nnamdi not only is a leader in helping restore the Oakland community, but a leader in the secondary. While the Cowboys have spent a ton of first rounders on the defense, it still lacks a true leader.

Final thoughts

While Nnamdi may cost a ton, a shut down corner should not be undervalued. Think about the ridiculous game Reggie Wayne had against Dallas this year: 14 catches, 200 yards, and a Touchdown. Against Darelle Revis last night, Wayne had one catch for ONE yard. A shutdown corner can make all the difference.

But enough about what I think, now it's your turn!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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