Who really was better?

I work with a Bills fan. It is a shock that he doesn't hate the Cowboys after what we did to his Jim Kelley/Bruuuuuuuce teams but he doesn't. So today we were talking football and we happened upon something very similar to a BSPN post that came out around 5pm today (, that being which team was the best of all time? We narrowed it down to '07 Patriots or the '95 Cowboys? His argument was nothing could stop that offense, according to him it was the best ever. Also he said Brady>Aikman, Moss>Irvin, and Belichick better coach than any Dallas had. Not suprising he didn't know the name of Dallas' coach but he said even if Jimmy had stayed he would say Bill was better. 

We asked another kid to try and settle the argument. He said '07 Pats best ever.


I am not trying to be a homer but the only thing that stopped that dynasty was Jerry's ego, losing Jimmy, and the whole league banding together to get free agency and break up the band. 

I know a lot of you know a lot more about football than I do but here are the key points I made if you have anything else to add to it so I can prove to him that he is dumb (about this) please share. 

1. Rule changes: Can you imagine what Aikman could have done with the put a skirt on the QB rules that Brady has? Or with the tuck rule? Or with the super quick PI for minimal incidental contact calls? 

2. I don't think you can even dream of saying Brady is better than Aikman. Forget stats for a second all you need to know is this with the game on the line who won the Patriot's biggest games? WRONG not Brady but Vinatieri. Go ahead and look it up. Aikman actually won games by himself. 

3.JAG running back by commitee vs First Ballot HOFer that holds the career rushing record. You tell me who is better?

4. Best O-Line of all time vs decent/pretty good O-Line. 

5. The Pats couldn't win another SB after they were found out for cheating and the Cowboys had to have the rest of the league buy away our players just to have a chance of playing. 

6. Moss probably more natural talent but Irvin is definitely a better football player. Example Moss quit for years in the middle of his career and was dropped off the face of the earth seemingly overnight but Irvin gradually lost it. Also Irving made everyone around him better and you can't really say that about Moss.

7. Winning versus almost winning. Fact is Dallas won the Super Bowl by 10 to a really good Steelers team but the Pats lost to a very average Giants team that if top of my head memory serves correct was the very last team into the playoffs that year. Also the Pats almost lost to them in the regular season so you can't say it was just 1 bad game.

8. How many Pats starters would have been able to start on that Cowboys team? 3 or 4 at the most but probably 18 of the Cowboys would easily start for the Pats.

9. The Tom Brady secret weapon Kickers. Chris Boniol vs Stephen Gostkowski Boniol is more clutch. I still remember the game he won by himself when he made his seven FGs.

10. Worse coaching. Wait how is that a positive? Well just think we won the SB in spite of Switzer and the Pats couldn't win with one of the best coaches ever, coaching statically the best scoring offense ever. 

11. The triplets > the unholy trinity (Moss, Brady, Welker). Brady is probably a first ballot HOFer but is Moss? I kind of have my doubts he still has 0 SBs and that will never change. Great player and he probably gets in but I wouldn't be shocked if it took more than one vote.

12. The wildcard Neon D(b)eion sorry recently I can only think DB when I hear his name and I'm not talking about defensive back. As much as I hate that guy he was the most dominant Kick/Punter returner I have ever personally seen and a very, very, very good CB/WR. Possibly the best CB/WR full time two way player ever.

I'm sure there is more but I have to get to bed tomorrow is my busiest day at work during the week and the last 2 finals for my associates (if case anyone was wondering where I was, Macroeconomics and Accounting have killed me). As always your thoughts and comments are always welcomed and appreciated by me.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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