Liverpool vs. Manchester United

I know a couple of BTBers are interested in the Premier League so I thought I would post this, if you hate “soccer” ignore this post. So at 6.45am this Saturday morning (ESPN) we have what is traditionally considered the biggest rivalry in the English game.

Liverpool (home) vs. Manchester United (Road)

Yes not only do we use the metric system and drive on the other side of the road but we also list the home team first!!!

 This game could be described as;

Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Red Sox owner John Henry (Fenway Sports Group) purchased Liverpool from Tom Hicks’ group last year and is generally liked by the fans due to a mini renaissance in the last 12 months after Hicks’ term had seen a decline in the fortunes of the Reds.

The Glazer family has owned United for since 2005 and is almost universally hated by the fans due to the somewhat correct perception that the clubs profits are being used to pay down $400 million dollars of debt leveraged to purchase the club, however the club’s on field success in this period has included 4 premier league titles, and 1 Champions league title in 3 final appearances (fans of Barcelona should add their comment here!). Also in the coming months it is likely the Glazers will float about 30% of the club around $500 million on the Singapore stock market, though an outright purchase bid of $2.5 billion has been tabled by the Qatari royal family.

18 titles vs. 19 titles

Liverpool ruled England and Europe through much of the 70s and 80s winning the majority of their top-flight titles but have not won since 1990 before the formation of the Premier League. United won their 19th title last May and the fans of United have been letting the people of Merseyside know about it ever since.

Kenny Dalglish vs. Alex Ferguson

As Player and Player-manager of Liverpool in the 80s Dalglish is legendary if he can bring a premier league title to Anfield and in doing so beat United he status will become god-like. Ferguson is simply the most successful manager in English football history loved by United fans and hated by rivals.

So to the game;

Manchester United are leading the premier league with 19 points and 6 wins from 7 games and a +19 goal differential, Liverpool are 5th with 13 points and 4 wins from their 7 games but only a +2 goal differential.

Liverpool will be at or near full strength and United will be bolstered by the probable return of both Midfielder Tom Cleverly and 2-time Defensive MVP Nemanja Vidic.

All that goes out the window though for this one. Liverpool has won the last three home meetings but United have never lost 4 in a row to another premier league club at the same venue.

Honestly a draw is the most likely outcome and I know that those of you who dislike the game will give that as a reason why you hate it but I told you to ignore this post before the jump.

But after he just signed a big contract extension I am taking Hernandez to score the winner for United!




Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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