The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

I think the term is extremely descriptive of the situation confronting us this coming weekend.

There are a number of major and minor confluences that are combining this weekend in New England and I will attempt to list them.

1. Coming off a bye

Two weeks to prepare for any team usually gives you a healthy edge. This week was one where we surely needed it the most due to injuries, as well as mindset.

2. Team is healthy both offensively and defensively

For the first time all season we have almost the entire team healthy and fresh for this game. Top two WR's, top 3 corners, RB, QB, all healthy. Time to take the training wheels off this offense and let it go.

3. Coming off a tough loss

Mentally these past two weeks have had a chance to fester. The players have been unable to vent frustrations upon another team for two weeks. Am I going to feel sorry for NE that they are the team that we get to release upon?.....ummmm....nahhh

4. Defensive Coordinator has beaten them before with lesser talent

It's been said before and I'll say it again. Rob Ryan has NEVER had a Ware to play with in his sandbox before. Look for him to move Ware around even more than he ever has before to give him the best possible matchup.

5. Top 3 corners on field for first time this year

It's been before training camp started that our top 3 corners have been healthy at the same time. Even then there were doubts that they would be able to return to the form they displayed in 2009 when TNew and MJ made the Pro Bowl. No excuses for any of them this week. If they show up and can shut down the top passing attack in the league we will expect nothing less the rest of the way. P.S. someone please tell Scandrick that Wes is actually a player on the 'Boys. Odds for Wes making it out of the first quarter healthy?

6. Romo is ticked (and he should be)

I think his recent comments about this team winning a Super Bowl are a sign that he is getting more than a little miffed about what his detractors are saying. Rightfully so as he bears the majority of the blame as the QB of the most visible team in professional sports. Is this the game where he starts getting PO'd and just gutting teams? We can hope can't we?

7. Playing in NE early in the season.

It's mid October....the ground isn't white yet...need I say more? The scheduling gods were actually kind to us by having this game early on in the season after a bye. It removes a big part of the late season advantage that NE thrives upon at home. Don't have to worry about them upping the heat in the locker room to make the temp outside seem that much worse.


When you look at all the factors as a whole this weekend could not be setup any better for us to win.

The last time a "Perfect Storm" hit New England they made a movie out of the book of one of the worst storms to ever hit the northeast. Here's to hoping for a repeat of that event this weekend.

If you can think of more please add them in the comments below. These are the ones that stood out the most to me when I considered this weekend.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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