Random Thoughts From The Game

Back at my hotel in Boston and wanted to post some quick thoughts I took away from the game. I know this was a loss no one wanted, but I saw things that could be fixed. I had a great vantage point to see the whole field and the plays develop.

First was the route running of Dez Bryant. He is not making crisp cuts at all. He still seems good straight line but I saw too often on a cut he would round it out or pull up and slow down on hard cuts. Romo's INT was all on Dez. It was the most horrible route I saw. Looked like a semi truck trying to turn. He also did not run through a route on a third down play that he should have had to convert a long third down.

Jones seemed to still be struggling with his shoulder. He did not deem to be able to get his arms up on passes or use a stiff arm at all. I know he can be a dynamic player with his feet, but he needs to get past the first level to make a play.

Murray is not a bad runner. I see him as a much better option than Choice. He just needs some more work during the week to prepare.

Austin is Austin, great hands but him and Romo need to make the catches like Brady and Welker can make to take it to the next level. That is a Championship level. They are still better than probably 28 or 29 teams in the NFL.

Our defense is very good. I know they got burned at times but who would have ever thought holding the Pats offense to 20 points.

Pats were all in on defense for once this season. Showed some presnap looks I have not seen. Brought some good pressure and their secondary played better than they have in awhile.

Pats knew we wanted to run and knew Jones was hurt. They made the most of that. Garrett may need to worry less about the starter and who gives us the best chance to run.

Romo and Garrett really need to study the photos of plays. Robbinson was left 1 on 1 to many times and getting open, but whether trust or what was the 4th read on plays.

Not really concerned with slow starts by offense, just find what the defense will give up and take  it.

The secondary did not play bad. They held the most dominant pass offense to 20 points. Pats will get their shots. Scandrick was very good coming back but has some things he can work on this next week. Frank Walker can be an SOB to a receiver. Loved the way he was physical. Walker got some catches but was getting hit every time he lined up. Newman is playing heads up ball.

Sean Lee is just an absolute beast. Ware is thriving in this defense. Butler is doing good and Spencer is getting his shots in. Brady was hit a lot.

I really think the Boys are ready to break out. This was a game last year we never thought we could win. This it is a game we can compete. Just need to take the next step and win.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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