Fanshot psssh.

Not sure how long this post is going to be. And to be honest I don't really care. I just want to lay a few points out on the line because in my world, my opinion matters and deserves to be on the sidebar of BTB. (Sarcasm for those who can't detect it through a computer.

For the most part we all think this team is a few pieces away from being a Super Bowl contender. This is true. But some of you think it's easy to acquire these pieces. It often takes time to do this. Now time. Time is something that Cowboys fans don't like. 16 years of time has gone and past since the Cowboys last Super Bowl. The time is now right? Wrong. The time is not now. Tony Romo and his talk of this team will win a Super Bowl needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It needs to be crumbled up and thrown into the trash Kobe Bryant style. BUCKETS. 

When the Cowboys next win the Super Bowl, well none of us know. Maybe Romo could be right maybe this team can win the Super Bowl. But there has been no signs from this team that show it. 

The more obvious choice is sometime in the future, and for our sake the near future. This team has problems. All teams have problems, but since I can remember being a Cowboys fans the problems for this team have always been the same. Too many penalties and too many turnovers. The only way of preventing these as much as possible is a coach with discipline. 

Jason Garrett looked like that coach early through his first few games as the head coach last year. He was doing and saying all the right things. The Cowboys started to play better football and didn't do the stupid penalties and other stuff. I guess he had us and Jerry Jones fooled because the man who preaches RKG is not the Cowboys RKG. 

All problems are fixable. It's just time that fixes them all. Here's a list of problems we have. 


  • Red Zone Play Calling
  • Offensive line play
  • Lack of run game
  • Secondary
  • Decision making

The secondary problem hasn't been that bad because of Rob Ryan's schemes. Once he leaves for a head coaching job well we're back where we left off. I didn't add turnovers and penalties there because I mentioned it above. 

Red Zone play calling is quite simple. You see my Dad and I do it in our living room. Usually when we call the play before it happens it works. With simple words like run it up the middle, play action to Witten, fade to Dez, etc...

There's so many different options when you're in the Red Zone. Yet Garrett likes to run very complex plays to score. Which makes it so much more harder to score in the end. Shovel pass really? I mean might as well call a draw play there. How about set up Robinson in the slot and give him a quick slant over the middle? I mean if it doesn't get completed then that's fine, but at least show you're trying. 

Offensive line and lack of running game go together. This line is young. This is the bad times for this line. It will get better, but for now I have my complaints. They do a fairly good job of protecting Romo throughout the course of the game. However they don't get a good push on running plays. We're consistently stuffed in the backfield and can't get 100 yards rushing combined anymore. It's sad. 

I'm not done. The lack of run game is hurting us in the wins department. Late in games when you need to run time off the clock and pick up first downs on the ground to win games and you can't. Well that just sets up the opposing teams offense to go down the field and win the game. It's something we need to consider in this years draft. An elite offensive lineman or an elite college running back. 

Decision making is just Romo holding onto the ball and not forcing it into tight spots. That's it. That's our problem. Now fix it Jerry. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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