So Everyone Doesn't Waste Their Time

Well here we are again folks. Another game that the Cowboys were in until the very end..... just to cough one up as a "learning experience." How many more close games can the Boys learn from? How many more times are we going to question play calling late in the game? How many more excuses are we going to make for the running game? How many more times are we going to hear about Dez Bryant's disappearance in the second half?


Well more than likely we will have all the same questions this week.... the answers after the jump. 

Q: (Typical questions about JG's play calling in the redzone and late in the game):

JG's Answer: Well in every game there are some calls you would like to have back. Each week I look back and there are about 5-6 calls Id like to have back. We will look at the tape and try and learn from it.

Q: Whats your take on the Cowboys being ranked 2nd to last in redzone conversions?

JG's Answer: Well we call the redzone plays based off the coverage the defense gives us. Obviously we didn't do too well this game converting our opportunities into touchdowns, but we were able to come away with some field goals. Obviously there were some play calls in the redzone we would like to have back, but we will take a look at the tape and build on this. We did some good things, but we just weren't able to capitalize on them like we wanted to.

Q: Why couldn't the Cowboys get the running game going?

JG's Answer: Well we feel confident in our backs. We just have to do a better job of creating holes. We will look at the game tape and see where things went wrong, and we will try and make some adjustments.

Q: On Dez Bryant disappearing in the 2nd half

JG's Answer: Well everyone on this roster has the ability to make a play. We don't run our offense based on any single players. We look at what the defense gives us and we try and create opportunities based on the coverage. Dez is talented and he will get his touches, we just have to do better executing.

(Sorry if that sounded like a broken record, but its all I've been hearing for the past few weeks)

All of the above is just too familiar and its VERY IRRITATING!

Redzone woes: Time after time we make a big play and get in the redzone, just to watch some crappy play calling unfold to result in the inevitable turnovers or field goals. We have millions of dollars invested in Romo, Bryant, Austin, Witten, and Felix. MAKE THEM EARN THEIR MONEY!!! Send Bryant on a goal line fade. Execute the play-action to Witten. Hit Austin on a quick slant. Give the ball to Jones IN SPACE!!!! Give our play makers an opportunity to MAKE A PLAY!

Running game: I noticed during the NE game that when Garrett decided to run the ball, most of the time Austin and Bryant were on the sideline. DING DING DING. That should ring a bell to a defense. If our best 2 WR's aren't on the field, and we bring in an extra TE or lineman.... we make it look OBVIOUS that we are about to run the ball. Duh we aren't going to have success running if we basically tell opposing defense that we are about to do so. There have also been too many times that the Cowboys run Jones between the tackles. I think its fair to say that the edge is F. Jones' friend and more plays need to be ran that way. There is also no doubt about the fact that the YUGGLIES need to run block better. That is just a simple fact. 

Where'd Dez Bryant go? 
The man is a play maker. I can't tell by watching the games if he takes plays off or not, but it seems to me that when the opportunities present themselves, he makes the most of them. I don't even know that he was targeted much if it all in the 2nd half. That is no one's fault other than JG. He wasn't double teamed, so why he wasn't given more opportunities this game especially with him being healthy is beyond me. A man can't be a play maker if he isn't included in the play.

I understand that in the past, playing aggressive has cost us. It has also made the Cowboys who they are. JG has to find a happy medium of when to dial it up and when to chill. Romo is a gunslinger, and our receiving corps can catch the bullets. Something has to be done with this atrocious running game so that defenses can respect the entire Cowboys offense and not just 1 dimension of it. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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