Jason G., The team......the game....and a poll

Let me start off by saying this...


If I'm Jerry Jones, i'm giving Jason the Landry treatment.  No, I don't mean abruptly firing him and hiring a young up and coming college'm giving him time...and tons of it.  This is my guy, and i'm gonna stick with it for as long as it takes because I believe he will get better, and make this team better.

I believe the play calling will get better.  Relatively speaking, Garrett is a baby in this league.  He's learning, he's getting better.  It may take time..and it sucks to deal with losing, really bad...but im giving him the time needed.

Oh and i'm gving Rob Ryan as much money as he wants and signing him for life.


Now, for this game...I was impressed with this entire team, the whole game...except a few plays.

The infamous shovel pass that everyones talking about...I agree, it's a stupid call.  It's only stupid because it didn't work.  It's something we NEVER run and i'm going to assume that Jason got cute.  "Hey, New England will not be expecting this"  except our line looked about as bad as it had all season, in this game.  Nagy was getting dominated from the begining and when Kowalski stepped in, nothing changed.  Here's to hoping Dockery get's back for this next game.

The line...i'm not impressed at guys HAVE to step it up.

Dez dissapears in the second half.  Maybe he's still learning?  Maybe, as much as we've talked about not trusting Romo, Tony doesn't trust him.  Easy to toss one up to a guy you think my screw up, in the first half.  In the second half, not so much.  Again, hopefully that will change.  I'm in the school of "Hey, I don't care if he's covered...if it's one guy on him you throw it to him, regardless.  If it's two guys on him...hell, I still think about tossing it his way., you were impressive were suppose to be great an catching out of the back field...that drop really hurt us.

Felix...I don't care what anyone says about're my boy.  His stats suck!!!  You watch him play, and you can tell he does every single thing in his power to get more yards, the line isn't helping you at all...the injuries suck, but I cant blame you for this one...that looked like it hurt.

I thought Romo and the rest of the crew played pretty well, just a few hiccups.

The defense, what can I did your thing for the most part.  Keep it up, you guys as a unit should win the comeback player of the year award.

This is a pretty young team, with a bunch of up and coming potential stars.  I'm not giving up hope on the season by any means, it gets easier from here on out.  Like I said, let Garrett grow into this head coaching job...there's gonna be bumps and bruises..but it takes time, and if i'm the owner, i'm giving it to him.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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