We will not win before our time

Hello Fellow Life-Time Fans.

Man, I hate to try been reasonable when no one else wants to be.

Just a few salient points to chew on post the Pats game:

1. Jerry Jones is a showman and a shrewd business man. The more controversies, while hopefully on the playoff bubble perennially, is his gig. Until the franchise value skids, he has no problems.

2. His 3 Superbowls was luck as much as anything, anybody still remember how 2 teams were resurrected because of two key trades? Herschel Walker brought the talents the Boys needed, and the Roy Williams trade helped revive the Lions.

3. Record consecutive years of success (anybody still remember Tom Landry?) are build on sound fundamentals and an eye for talents. The Boys were within a few points and 4 or 5 victories of being called the Team of the '60s, '70s, and '80s.

4. The common denominators of those glory decades were a stout OL and the Doomsday Defenses. If you cannot consistently ram it in on the ground with first and goal (Emmitt Smith did not get all those touchdowns running behind UFAs and 7th round draft choices), trickeries will not get you home. Remember the OLs of John Niland, Erik Williams, Larry Allen...? And yes, those DD defenses would have stuffed Brady and Co. last Sunday.

But all is not lost, we are correctly REBUILDING under Coach Red. Manage your expectations and have patience my friends, we were 6-10 last year. Relax, be encouraging, supportive, and enjoy witnessing the transformation. That goes double for Jerry Jones - how many good drafts did we have with you as the GM before this year? I foresee that in two years time, we will be on track for long-term success again.

We need the time to attain the reps and more talent to upgrade the OL another notch, a Drew Pearson clone to emerge to move the chain and make the last 2-minute catches, a sure-fire big back for critical short-yardage needs, another Lee at ILB, a consistent OLB (Spencer?), and a secondary ball hawk like Ed Reed. That is a total of 6-7 improved players, time to "buy" some Lombardi Trophies through FAs? That is assumming Jones and the all knowing fans do not drive away Red and Romo first.

I sure would like to see the Ravens if Red had accepted their head coach offer and took TR with him. By the way, the 3 losses to 3 good/very good teams were also directly caused by an EASY blocked punt for a TD, a missed < 30 yard field goal, heavy injuries at important positions, the phantom hikes, and a confused defense that can not stop the other team's winning drive. So let's also publicly call out JJ, Joe D., Hudson H., the conditioning coach and trainers, and of course RR. Maybe JJ should replace the whole staff with all the arm-chair QBs and coaches. Get with the program.

How about them Cow Kids who will be Cowboys!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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