Suck It Up And Breathe

Q. What do you call a Detroit Lion with a SuperBowl ring? 
A. A thief 

Thought this situation needed a little humor. I'm as gobsmacked as the rest of you. "Greatest Cowboy Collapse Of All Time." Who doesn't like being a part of history? Not a lot to say directly to that. We understand that there were some people more directly involved than others in the losing of this game. Tony Romo is obviously the first one. A quick word for Tony. When you are destroying a team 27-3, you are not to be the reason they get back in the game. Understood? Good, we'll move on. 

The Bad First: 

1. Tony. (remember. we've moved on)

2. Felix Jones. I know the announcers on TV were surprised as you were, but we're used to them messing up. We'd prefer no more of this behavior. Down and distance, boys. Down and distance. Otherwise, good job sucking it up and playing. 


... ahem. Sorry. 

*goes and gets a drink NOW*

4. Rob Ryan. Love the work you are doing. But as good as you looked early was as bad as you looked late. If not for the Lions drive that was sponsored by penalties we could have lost by more. I believe in momentum and confidence in a football game, but you had chances to tell them that this was not their day and failed. To take that confidence away and Ware and crew were rarely in Stafford's face late in that game. 

5. The Dallas Cowboy fans in attendance. OR the @#$%ing stadium design. They talked about how Stafford had to go to a silent count due to the noise in the Metrodome. But that it would be unnecessary here in Dallas. So for a lot of the game I listened for crowd noise. Really tried to listen for it. And was rather disheartened by it. Is it the design of the place? The actual lack of noise often by the crowd? Of trying to judge through the TV? Maybe some of you will shed some light on it. But when we needed noise to help the team it sounded like a bunch of people waiting to see whether this was going to happen or not. The team needed noise and support. You acted like you were at the opera. Shame. 

The Good Part

1. We're 2-2. 2nd place. 1 game back. And 1 game ahead of the Eagles. :lol: I know we were hoping for 3-1 when we saw the schedule, but there were enough questions that 2-2 would be fair. Did we know we were going to play Santa with 2 games? No. And maybe we're done with that stupidity for the rest of the year. Imma go in that direction. 

2. Laurent Robinson. Huge news. Holley and Harris are obviously not ready. Ogletree is a project that many people want to stop having to deal with. We need a number 3 so that the others can get open. And he fulfilled it Monday and especially today. What a find. 

3. Bandwagon fans. This is always the most fun part. They go crazy. Write insane things. Run off into the distance. And generally let the rest of us know that they just do not get it. Be a real fan. Make your comments. But support your team or just bloody well leave. And don't come back. Yelling "Off with his head" is about as useful as you actually are. I expect they are out in force right now. 

4. Wade Phillips. He's gone and we are all the better for it. Garrett is the answer. But there still lingers some Wade around here. It showed up in Weeks 1 and 4. It takes time to wash that stink off. We have been in far better hands over the last 12 games, but no matter the good things there are things that take time to fully remove. Does any of you look at Garrett and see this is how his teams will behave? No. But these changes take  time. We're getting there. 

5. "we're a good football team." Wrote it all in small letters. Did not want to sound like bragging or getting all full about the Cowboys. But it's true. And it happened this fast. We went 5-3 under him last year, so 7-5 so far. And how many of those games did we muck up somehow? 4 of the 5 losses? The mentality of this team was so weak by last year that any inconvenient occurrence in a game could be the reason to quit or simply add more mistakes. Just be patient. 2 weeks off to heal and work things out. Then watch what we do. :)


Blogging the Boys: A great site and possibly life saving. The sites I've been at over the years were always disappointing. Always some good posters, but honestly not worth the time. Last year I found Raptor's Republic and this place and solved so many problems. A place to discuss sports with passion, but respect for fellow posters. Thanks to the posts I have read and so many well written articles. Think for a bit I'll go shoot some COD Zombies. Back in a bit. 


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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