A Nightmare On Dallas Street

One Two, Dez's Coming For You, Three Four, Romo's Gonna Score, Five Six, Pick Six, Seven Eight, It Happens Again, Nine Ten, Never Sleep Again!

It was a lovely sunny afternoon  in Cowboys Stadium, and the undeafeated Lions were roaring into town, with a dominant beast named Suh, and Texas bred super star QB Matthew Stafford, and the home team's chances we're looking slim to none.

The first half was like a dream, starting with Sensabaugh picking off Mr. Stafford, Romo hitting Dez not once but twice for scores, and Rob Ryan's bullies holding the Lions to a measly 3 point morsel. At halftime the score was 20 to 3 and a win seemed a done deal. And the chances of victory kept rising when no. 82 caught a 1 yd td from no 9 to make the score 27-3. It looked like a time to celebrate, the offense was clicking and the defense was making the powerful Lions offense look like a bunch of kittens. 

And then the nightmare started.

There was a quiet calm in Cowboys Stadium, almost too quiet. The red hot offense came back onto the field but something was different...The flawless hero behind center had this devilish look in his eyes that was downright scary. Romo was no more. The king of kruel took his place and proceeded to throw not one pick six but two, and then continued to ruin things for the home team by slashing down not only Sensi but Church as well. The Lions came roaring back, and hunted down the Cowboys like a wounded antelope, and struck a killing blow with CJ in the back of the endzone. The final score Detroit 34 Dallas 30. The bastard son of a thousand maniacs laughs on the sidelines having stolen the soul of thousands in attendance and the millions viewing on their TVs at home.


Krueger exclaims as the dust settles from the worst meltdown in 51 years.

I honestly wish it was Robert Englund under center in the second half because that would've made more sense. Just when I thought Romo had got his head out his you know what, he chucks hot garbage. I understand he's hurt, but still at least two of these picks if not all of them we're mistakes even rookie QB Andy Dalton wouldn't make..and he won today!

I am still a die hard fan till I die, but I am getting tired of these Cardiac Kids...It's enough to bring out the bottle, and thank god I don't drink because I'd be an alcoholic by now.

Words cannot express how I am feeling about this team right now..I mean how in the holy hell do you blow a 24 point lead with 10 minutes left in the game? Romo pulling a Mr Hyde. I keep trying to defend the guy, but it's his boneheaded piss poor awful mistakes that make me want to unleash the trunk money on him. He's got all the skills and talent to win the big one, but if he keeps playing with his head up his butt he'll end up being the next Danny White. And right now that's an insult to Danny White. He at least made it to the NFC championship, one accolade as of this moment, that Romo can't boast.

Romo was playing like Freddy Krueger in the second half, but Jason Garrett's playcalling was once again questionable. The first half was brilliant. But the second half except for the first drive in the third, was inconsistent at best. All he had to do to secure a win was just run the ball, and protect the lead. Why are you putting the pedal to the metal up by 24? And the defense had nothing left in the fourth. And who could blame em? They were on the field for the half of the third and the entire fourth quarter. And losing Sensi really hurt. And we didn't have Optimus Prime in the secondary to stop Megatron. Hell we didn't even have a Bumblebee. But sadly this loss is almost totally on Antonio Ramiro Romo.

The bye week couldn't have come at a better time for this team. They better turn into the Dream Warriors and send bad Romo back to hell or it's gonna be a long series of sleepless nights.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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