Is this the "Cowboy Way"?


Of course it isn't- you know it isn't. We've seen this so many times, it's become a weekly soap opera now, and it should be called "Cowboys shoot themselves in the foot, episode 33"

I've read it all- all the hate and venting coming Romo's way. It's uncalled for, and unjustified. Why, you ask?

Because Tony is only doing what he is asked to do. My question is simple: Where is the leadership? Where is the smart decisionmaking to win a game? Where is the risk management? I'm not talking about leadership from a player, but LEADERSHIP of the team by the leader, the coach?

To me, it always seems like Garrett runs the offnse the same way no matter what- Pass, pass, and then we'll try to throw in a few runs here and there.Heck, we'll even keep throwing to 2nd string recievers after we built a lead, and show everyone how potent a pass offense we really are! But no matter what, we will keep passing predominantly, even after interceptions that sap the will and spirit of the team happen. Can you say "one dimensional"?

Years ago, I started writing fanposts here at BTB because of this very issue (Garrett's pass offense). I saw the flaw and decided to voice my displeasure. Many other writers took offense to my opinion, and labeled  me as being "anti pass oriented", or just labeled me as "pro-run", and definitely "anti-Garrett" but that's not true. I love the pass offense, and I believe we have a team that can take it all the way, and love watching our lethal pass offense. But like any successful coach, you've got to know when to put on the brakes, and protect the lead. That's the real value of running the ball- It's called NFC east style of play, and we have strayed from that philosiphy on offense. We've strayed from it in our drafting, our coaching, and our play. After todays loss to the Lions, it's important to put this into proper perspective moving forward. It's "Garrett's way" not the "Cowboy way". The "Cowboy Way" is smart football, and we haven't seen much of that for years now.

Yes, even in today's pass-happy NFL, the team that will have the most success will be the one that uses the run wisely, and it doesn't seem like we do that at the end of games anymore. With Garrett as HC/OC, the perception of RB has even changed, not just the run offense. RB's have to be fast, but yet we see that RB's like that don't always get the needed 1st down on 3rd and 3.

With this kind of philosiphy permeating from Garrett, It seems like all the blame shouldn't be on Tony's shoulder.I even read my old friend "Blings" writing negatively about Tony, and it made me write this fanpost.

My basic question is, just what is it about current Cowboy fan's that don't put responsibility where it belongs?

It's the coach. Garrett is the forever constant in this conundrum we call the "Dallas Cowboys", and for some reason, alot of people think it's going to get better. It won't, at least not until Garrett starts to learn how to be a better head coach. That may take some time, because like it or not, we are stuck with him (Jerry said so). Even today Tony Romo mentioned the deflating effect turnovers have on a game. Defenses know that to make the Cowboys one dimensional on offense (Passing) is the way to beat the Cowboys, because Tony will throw the interceptions. I don't believe that,  because I believe It's more like the Cowboys don't take the turnovers out of the equation (specifically the interceptions), and Garrett doesn't react to that at all it seems. He seems to just go about business as usual, continuing to call passes like nothing ever happened.

Sooner or later, people will be forced into questioning this kind of use of the pass offense. The prudent use of the run (even if the run's would end in little or no gain), or just throwing it out of bounds, would bring a different outcome. When will we see that? Some (like myself) would even say after we had the lead today against the Lions, to pull Tony, use the run more, and put Kitna in there. The decision for something like that falls on Garrett.

I am the one who dared make the statement "I believe Tony Romo and Garrett are like mixing a bad drink", and I also made the statement in the past that "we don't have time to teach Garrett how to be a head coach",  because Tony is only running GARRETT's offense.

In the past, the Cowboys knew enough to protect the lead by running the ball (or as Dave Halprin wrote- just throw it out of bounds!). When will we see that happen? Because that was the real "Cowboy Way", not what we see happening now. It's called victory, and it seems to be eluding us now.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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