Is It Time?

Having just witnessed the latest in epic comebacks by an opponent whose MVP was our $67 million QB, I start thinking; Is it time?


Coincidentally, we’ve passed the quarter pole on the 2011 Dallas Cowboys season and are headed into the Bye week. We’re a disappointing 2-2 staring at New England, St. Louis and Philly. Yeesh. There are, as usual, some things to feel really good about. Let’s start with them.




The Defense! First and foremost, this defense has surprised almost everyone and looked nothing like the one Wade Phillips was running this time last year. Dallas defenders are flying around the field and actually making big plays to save games and change games. Sean Lee has been a revelation, being named the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Month to start the season. The Cowboys have stifled running teams and passing teams. The run defense has been stout at the point of attack and you have to like the decrease in pre-snap penalties.


That Bailey guy. Who is this guy? He ties an NFL rookie record for FG’s in a game and nobody knew who the heck he was just weeks ago. He looks solid from distance and, even though David Buehler’s specialty was kcikoffs, this new kid has made me forget about him as his kickoffs have also been sailing deep into opposing end zones.


The Offensive Line. Are you kidding me?  Bill Nagy? Phil Costa? These no-names are performing well beyond their years AND their draft status, largely against some defensive fronts with household names as fixtures. No, this unit is doing quite well and Hudson Houck and his guys should be very proud of their first quarter of work. The one player people thought was a lock to be the anchor of the unit (Doug Free) has been the least impressive of the bunch. Wow!


The Coaching.  I’m sorry, but I like everything these coaches are doing with the players. The stupid penalties seem to have been eradicated, the execution and discipline that was lacking seems to be present across all three units. The DC and OC seem to have their acts together and I like the in-game adjustments being made as injuries have ravaged the DB’s and WR’s. Yes, this coaching staff has put together a nice 4-game set.





Number 9. Well, it is readily apparent that this team is a level-headed signal caller away from being 4-0 and competing for home-field advantage. Instead, we have Tony Romo, whose tenure as leader of this team has led to high high’s and interminably low low’s. It reminds me of a roller coaster. Not just any roller coaster, but the kind that take your breath away. A real screamer. You know the ones…they leave your stomach a bit queasy and your head spinning? They have names like Cyclone and Tower of Terror and Bizarro. They all sound like I feel.


Like this;



I love roller coasters, but the thing about them is that you only ride them when you’re on vacation. They’re short. They end. Then life returns to normal, steady footing. But not this one. Not with Tony Romo. This roller coaster feels like one we just can’t get off of. The car pulls into the loading area, but the safety harness stays down. It was fun and I liked the heart-pounding excitement, but once is enough. I’m ready to get off and do something else. But no. Off you go again. Pulled up to the top and then let loose upon the track again. Over and over and over. That’s how I feel.


I’d love to be able to spread the wealth and talk about other areas that I could call negative. Hey, the running game isn’t doing all that great. But, then again, this is the running game we all thought we would have, so it has kind of, well, lived up to expectations.


Nope, this ride is all about Tony Romo. It’s like it needs its own kooky name. I’ll leave that to the comments.


So here’s the question. When is it time to finally put our collective foot down and say enough is enough? When is it time to get off of this roller coaster?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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