Have you ever had someone you trusted lie to you? Or have your heart broken? That's the way I feel today about these boys. They look good, they act good, you want to trust them but you keep finding little tell tale signs that their cheating on you. Taking you for granted. It hurts to think you might never trust the one you love again.

These Cowboys

Doesn't matter which coach they have. Parcells gave us the dropped snap and then promptly was shown the door. Wade gave us the 2007 melt down against an inferior Giants team. Now, Garrett with two - count them, TWO, historic Cowboys meltdowns with big leads against good teams.

BUT, before you read this and jump of the proverbial cliff there is one little teeny itsy bitsy ray of light.


Jason Garret knows how to do it and what it feels like, he's been there. Ryan knows deep down that he can get it done. But these players haven't gotten it yet. Lets call them the "young lovers". Angst ridden teenagers who think they know what love really is. They like love but don't fully understand it. 

Think about this... Tony Romo has been a starter for 5 years and he has played already for 3 different coaches.

So, maybe what I'm saying is... this team looks to have what it takes to get over the hump but until they actually really do get over that hump we will continue to see more of these maddening losses. Parcells left before he could beat it into them. Wade was in way over his head and didn't know what he had until it was too late - a bunch of super talented guys who simply need to be taught how to win. Think about it - LEARN HOW TO WIN. Learn how to LOVE to win...

Wade never knew how to win because he had never done it! Parcells bailed out a half year after putting a starter QB into the lineup. He abandoned his pupil who needed desperately to learn and be taught what it really means to win and LOVE it.

Romo may get it at some point on his own OR someone will beat it into him behind closed doors. I have a funny feeling that Tony will be hearing from the coach in unglamorous ways in the near future on this one here.

I mean, if Romo had even simply just fallen on the ball the whole 3rd and 4th quarters today, Dallas wins the game. And that's what I'm talking about.... Tony.... you had already WON the game but you didn't know what you had until it was lost. 

You took the win for granted and didn't treat it the right way and protect it and LOVE the win.

Tony - you gotta really love the win for it to love you back.

Otherwise, the win will leave you and hitch a ride with someone else. Like it did today. You didn't respect the win and so the win didn't feel you loved it. So the win went with someone who cherishes it and treated it right today. 

Is that deep enough for you guys? But, it makes sense.... LOVE THE LEAD. LOVE IT. TREAT IT WITH RESPECT AND IT WILL LOVE YOU BACK. 

2011 Cowboys - 4-0 and shocking the league. Think about it.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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