The Matchup few can see.

My last post described the obvious matchup problems that Tight Ends pose, but there is an even better matchup that is going mostly un-touched and it is closely connected to the Tight End scenerio.

When Jimmy Johnson arrived on the scene in the NFL, one of the things he loudly declared was..."Speed Kills."

Speed is an obvious mis-match that Al Davis also put at the forefront. Teams have recognized it and some teams like the Raiders covet it. There is no disadvantage that I can think of for this obvious mis-match.

Update: I think the Cowboys, (Maybe Gil Brandt), could be the innovators on the "speed" mismatch aspect when they signed a track star named "Bob Hayes" and he changed the NFL forever in that he alone was credited for the emergence of the "Zone Defense" if I am not mistaken.

Size/Weight is another obvious mis-match that teams have exploited. The Packers had a guy in the middle of their defensive line that weighed about 350-360 pounds. His name was Gilbert Brown. He was a true force and the main reason was his weight. He could not be moved with even double teams. Tony Siragusa is another guy in this same mold. Teams would run a lot of sweeps on Gilbert Brown and by the 4th quarter he was too tired to be real effective. However, that is an obvious disadvantage to being this heavy.

The last physical mis-match that has not gotten enough attention is HEIGHT. Let me just throw out some names and you will see the immediate connection and hopefully you will think to yourself...."yep, height is definitely one of the main reasons he is/was good or great!"

"Too Tall" Jones, R.C. Owens, Harold Carmichael, Plaxico Burress, Calvin Johnson. I am sure I am leaving out some of the more obvious ones, but notice how the list is still not as long as it should be.

UPDATE: Vincent Jackson,  San Diego 6-5

Think about it. You have a guy in the red zone that can be 6 to 9 inches taller than the guy guarding him. Alley-oop come to mind? Although he was only 6-3", R.C. Owens was the one that is credited for the "Alley-oop" play because he could out jump anyone in the end zone. This is the same reason teams are scared to death when the 6-5 Calvin Johnson is in the red zone.

Harold Carmichael was 6-8 and was a what?  A Matchup Nightmare for those 6 foot DB's. The 6-9" Too Tall Jones was credited for knocking down more balls thrown by QB's than anyone can remember.

What is the reason some team (our Dallas Cowboys) doesn't go out and sign some 6-10, out of work College Basketball player, like we did with Cornell Green who never played a down of College Football and was turned into a star? Anyone know why? Could it be the old "Not invented here" syndrome? If they didn't think of it, then it can't be any good. Same thing I get when I bring it up...."Can't be any good, because it would have already been done!"  Yep, just as good an excuse as, "But that is the way we always do it!"

Imagine a 6-10 power forward standing in the endzone awaiting a jump ball or "alley oop!" Again, I can't think of any disadvantage since we know the 6-8 experiment was a huge success with Harold Carmichael and if someone brings one up, it becomes obvious why they try to shoot it down, because of the "not invented here syndrone."

Can't remember his name, but a famous 6-8 small forward for the Mavs wanted to be a tightend for the Cowboys, but they ignored him.

UPDATE: The more I think about it, I think it was Jamal Mashburn that offered to play for the Cowboys.

What do you guys think? Am I all wet?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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