Stepping Up

Excuse me for a second while I let loose Demarco Murray style..


This win felt fantastic. Yes, I understand it was against the lowly Rams. But the way we finally curb stomped a team into the turf was beautiful. Dallas dominated on all phases of the game today. I have nothing but praise for this team right now. This game is just what the doctor ordered. I thought our running game would flourish against St. Louis' last ranked rush defense, but I sure as heck did not expect an explosion of awesomeness courtesy of DeMarco Murray. 253 yards rushing and 91 of those on a freakish TD run? Absolutely unreal. This is perfect timing for the running game to show up, because we got the Eagles next week and their porous line backing core. Another thing that might be overlooked is The Return Of Lumpy. Losing Nagy for the season was a blessing in disguise. Montrae Holland is not an all pro guy, but he is a very serviceable run blocker. And how about some love for Tony Fiametta? Getting him back on the field helps a lot too. And the Defense was once again kicking some tail. What I find the most impressive about the D's performance this sunday was the fact that it didn't get very many sacks(if any.) and it still shut down the Rams on offense and that goal line stand at the end is something you see out of championship caliber defenses.

A rather quiet day from Tony Romo but an efficient one nonethless. His stats weren't godlike but I'll take them over 300 yards and two pick sixes any day of the week. Something that Phillp Rivers doesn't seem to understand this year(Sorry. I had to do it. It's about time someone called out his horrendous play this year.) And we finally saw some Dez Bryant sightings in the second half. A lot of them actually. I think Dez is finally healthy again, and it shows. He's able to be explosive for all four quarters now. But he has got to catch that TD in the second quarter. Other than a few drops this kid is something else. And Tashard Choice needs to make like a tree and get out of Dallas. All he has done this season so far is lose the rock. He may be a good pass blocker but that is not a good enough reason to keep him here. It's crazy, because I used to really like the guy. He looked great during that short stint as the starter in 2008. But it seems he's lost his dang mind ever since he asked Vick for his autograph last year. With Phillip Tanner showing his stuff, it seems like it's nearing the end of Choice's days in Big D.

I asked this team to step up today, and they literally ran right up the gut of despair and tore it to shreds. All I asked for was a win, and the boys delivered a blowout we sorely needed to bolster this team's psyche. All in all this was the best game of the year so far for the Cowboys, and I expect this team to take even bigger steps next week. Taking a page from Tim Tebow, JUST WIN BABY! and keep on winning. This win means not nearly as much if we lose to Philadelphia on sunday night. So come on boys, step up to the pedestal and take the this division by the horns.

                       SHOCK                                                                   ROCK

Demarco-murray_medium Cowboys

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Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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