To The First Of Many

Wow how ‘bout them Cowboys?

Wanted to take a little break after the game before I put something down, make sure i didn't overreact either way. I know many of us suffer for the same problem on this board, getting too high on the highs, and coming way too close to the edge for the lows. That being said, with the heart breakers we've all collectively suffered through this season and others, I think this is a week to enjoy. So here we go, step up, take your Kool-aid, don your jersey, enjoy this feeling, because this is the kind of win that starts a roll.

First off, I wanted to reach out and apologize specifically to Chia, not because I was disrespectful, no I suffered a far worse indignation, I was wrong. I was a pretty loud voice of skepticism about Murry's ability to contribute to this team given the state of our line.  Well I guess I was debunked. 253, sure why not? I'll take it. Never happier to be wrong. Yes it was the rams. Yes there run defense is porous, but this is the NFL, everyone has to show up every week, everyone is talented, and NOT everyone, can run for 253. Murry consistently hit holes with authority, continually fought for extra yards, and consistently make my argument worse with every snap.  So Cheers cowboys nation for one week this team figured out how to ice a game. For one week, we were able to pound the rock, and with it send a message to the East, and you know the eagles linebackers all collectively (insert profanity) themselves watching that performance from both running backs not named Choice.

A special shout out to our FB Tony Fiammetta. Quietly you prove to be a difference maker. Any coincidence the 2 games we have run with authority a certain lead blocker has been in a Cowboys uniform. No... I think not. Love the pieces that are starting to fall in place on this roster.

Speaking of pieces falling in place we officially have a Kicker. I posted this in the comments section and I thought it was significant to reiterate. 4th down 51 yard attempt. I didn't realize till afterwards the usual feeling of anxiety was gone. No sweat forming, no desire to change the channel, no not so subtle death threats to (insert any cowboys kicker not named Dan "ice water" Bailey) nothing. I just kinda expected it would go it. Dare I say, the shocker would have been if he had missed. From 51 yards, and I would have been surprised, yes surprised had he missed. Phenomenal. For a team with a penchant for the close game, a kicker we can count on is huge people. Huge!

A special shout out to Jerry Jones. What you say? To Jerry? Why? Well BTB faithful I'll tell you. Jerry this is a preemptive shout out because I know you’re going to do the right thing and empty your pockets, and I mean empty your pockets for Rob Ryan. Seriously I know you’re going to see how it worked out when you did the same thing for Jason Garrett, and KEEP ROB HERE. I know you’re not going to see this defense and think hell we're so good anyone can coach these guys, because I know you know that's wrong. I know you’re going to keep this Staff together, because this is a SUPERBOWL STAFF. This defense is playing out of its mind, and its due one Rob Ryan. This team with this staff, and this Defense, and what we're building here in Dallas, can win. This team, this defense, can hang with anyone. Rob Ryan, needs to get paid, like 3 games ago, whatever he asks. Stop whatever you’re doing, and write a check. Go, Go now.

On a serious note, and as I mentioned above, this is the kind of win that snowballs. This is the kind of team that feeds off momentum, for better and worse, today its better. Today we stacked a few good days on top of each other and did what we were supposed to, we got better. Today we we're champions and looked like. Next week I expect the same, and so should these Cowboys. Today for the first time in to long a time it seems we hold our heads high, this is no longer the beginning of the end, but rather the beginning of a truly new beginning. Today these cowboys made the star proud.

To the First of many,



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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