Pressure Point. Rob Ryan vs Mike Vick

My favorite stat going into this HUGE week 8 division match up against the Eagles, involves PRESSURE. And if you've been following a few of my post the last week or so, this will sound familiar.

"Over the last month was the first time I really tried to learn to read defenses." Vick stated in the beginning of the season.

I don't know about you but be being a 9 year pro QB and just now learning to read defenses is very odd. And troubling going up against Rob Ryan. You see that's where Rob excels and Vick is having the most trouble this season.

One of the most telling stats about Vick that always seems to be left out is Vick against the blitz.

Going into week 6 Vick was blitzed the 2nd most in the league at 74 times throwing 7 INTs against those blitz. To put into perspective Brees was blitzed the most at 75 throwing 1 INT

Going up against Rob Ryan and his unique blitz this has to be a cause of concern right? Last time Vick played against an exotic defense granted it was pre season the steelers really confused Vick every series. He had three 3 INTs IN ONE HALF.

I’m not hanging my hat on that but Vick admitted he is just now TRYING to learn to read defenses.

On top of that he is leading the league in total turnovers. He has 6 fumbles 3 of which were lost.

Now don't get me wrong he is a dangerous weapon and can produce big plays. Ryan has been able to avoid big plays all season.

This will be a harder task for the Eagles if you ask me mainly due to the fact that they have no history with this TEAM. Yes team, they have never played against Dez, Miles, Witten, Robinson, Murray, and Romo on the field together. A completely different look than Kitna, Miles, Roy, Witten, Barber.

But sticking to the defense side of the ball. Vick nor Andy has ever played against this Rob Ryan defense leaving no familiarity to go off of.

For the trolls who think Rob isn't for real riddle me this...

Of the 6 Qbs the Cowboys have faced only 1 has thrown for 300 yards and that was week 1 where we were without our top 3 CBs.

Combined this year the Cowboys have 9 Turnovers on QBs and 17 sacks

Ryan's D has forced 7 Turnovers On THE ROAD.

And Ryan's D has only given up 9 passing TDs in 6 games. No more than 2 in a game.

Add in the fact that Jenkins, and Spencer who Philly always has trouble with are playing with that 2009 swagger, Sean Lee playing on a pro bowl level, Hatcher returning, an actual hitting safety in Elam, Ratliff vs their rookie center, a solid rotation at CB and D Line and of course D freaking Ware. Rob will try to confuse Vick like no other.

"We may not be the all hype team but we sure as hell are going to whoop their a$$" - Rob Ryan.

You think he doesn't have this date circled on his calendar?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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