Plucking Their Feathers

It's officially Eagles week...and I can't think of a division rival I despise more than those Philadelphia Eagles. I think it started with that nightmare season finale in 2008 when we were embarrassed 44-6 by those dirty birds. And to this day Philly fans still bring up that score, even though I think trouncing the Eagles three times in one season is a lot more impressive, especially since one of them was a shut out. Dallas beat Philly so badly in 2009, they shuffled their entire roster, got rid of McRib, and started Michael Vick. Seeing that 2010 Eagles team having success while Dallas was doing their best impression of the 2008 Detroit Lions made me sick to my stomach. Then the Eagles had their wings clipped in Green Bay, and it couldn't have felt any sweeter.

This year the Eagles actually did something in Free Agency and signed a bunch of high profile players to lucrative contracts. Such players as Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, Vince Young, Ronnie Brown, Steve Smith, and many more. So the media immediately started claiming them the NFC East title winners, and favored them to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Then Vince Young who was straight off his suicidal last season in Tennessee, spouted that the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles were the Dream Team of the NFL. Controversy ensued, but the Eagles hype train still kept rolling right on track. Then it started to go off the rails. The team started the first half of the season 1-3, and looked like a deadly collision was imminent, but they staved off the disaster by beating the Washington Redskins 20-16.

Doesn't this scenario sound familiar?, it should, because the 2010 Cowboys went through the same type of offseason as Philly did(Minus the free agency splurge that is..) and what did we do with all that hype? We fell flat on our faces and started out the season 1-7, lost Tony Romo for the season, and ended the season 6-10. And I remember when Dallas beat the Houston Texans, we looked like were gaining ground only to lose to the Giants on Monday Night Football.  But the Eagles this year seem getting a pass for their 2-4 record this year which is total BS. Because this year's Eagles team is a mess. Their Defensive Coordinator is their formal Offensive Line coach. Who in their right mind would do that? Andy Reid, that's who. Juan Castillo has zero experience coaching an NFL defense. His only experience coaching defense is when he coached a high school football team back in 1989. That is just comical. Reid then hires Jim Washburn as the new linebacking coach, but Jimmy B has more experience coaching NFL caliber defenses so Andy promptly tells him to take orders from Castillo, which is causing infighting on the sidelines about who should be coaching what. It's looking more and more like the beginning of  a soap opera in Philly.(Insert your ideas for Eagles themed Soap Opera here.)

I honestly don't get all of this praise for Andy Reid, when he's basically this decades version of Marv Levy. He can get you to the bowl, but he won't win it for you. He has coached the Eagles to multiple NFC title games, one super bowl appearance, and nearly a decade of disappointment. His version of the west coast offense may put up good numbers, but it's flawed at best. He's had good if not great running games for nearly his entire career, and flat refuses to use them, and he is terrible at clock management. I remember his awful clock management skills basically handed us a victory back in 2009. So what if he's 12-0 after the bye. His team played nothing but lame duck teams during the streak. The current record of opponents the Eagles have faced after the bye week is 6-10. And with this year's new rule where it is now mandatory to give players 4 days off during the bye week, it could mean the end of this silly streak. Plus it looks like Dallas has finally found a running game, and it's likely that DeMarco is going to run all over that poor excuse of a run D. I hope Murray has a big game, because I am sick and tired of hearing the haters call him a fluke. I think it's really great that we're the team playing Philly on their 13th game after the bye week, because Dallas was the last team to beat the Eagles after their bye to the tune of 34-0. I would love to see similar results on sunday night.

I am in no way calling this game a done deal here, games against Philly are always a slugfest. But in all honesty I don't buy the hype. The Eagles are 2-4 for a reason. They are not a good team this year. Which is why I like our chances. We don't have a rookie defensive coordinator, or a turnover machine at QB(Vick has 8 Ints and 7 fumbles to Romo's 6 ints, and 1 fumble) who is just now learning to read defenses, our linebacking core isn't made out of swiss cheese, and our secondary isn't headed by an overrated wannabee Darrelle Revis. Other then last year's "blowout" 30-27 loss, Dallas has owned the Eagles as of late. The Linc is almost like a homecoming for the boys. Plus it's on primetime, and the Eagles have a history of struggling to beat us when the lights are bright. They're going to be desperate and fighting for their playoff lives. So let's pluck their feathers sunday night, and show them who they really are.

A bunch of CHICKENS.



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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