INFW: Cowboys Meltdown Thoughts

Welcome to a new Fanpost idea of mine now formally known as: The Title isn't four words long or INFW for short. The title is a homage to two of the great Fan Post writers on this site: IAMIRONMAN and his WWGD and FiTaT and his TMQB. (This is of course not an attempt to drum up ratings or procure favorable comments from those two, although those would be helpful. Thanks guys!).

The intent of this series is to bring up a few of the thoughts that I've had for this week that I couldn't express adequately in a comment, and then see whether the Cowboys fan base thinks I'm a complete loon or agrees with me and thinks I'm a complete loon. I can't lose either way!

The Romo Debate:

So we got our butts handed to us on a silver platter, huh. That sucks, who did we lose to? The Detroit Lions? They're allowed to win games now?

Well yeah, we lost to one of the losingest teams in the history of the NFL. But all is not bad Cowboys fans, Colin Cowherd is all in on us. Ok maybe that's little consolation but there are a few things I was able to take from this game.

1. Let's get the obvious out of the way. Tony Romo sucked Yesterday. I don't think anyone would disagree with this. What's more egregious to Cowboys fans is that he wasn't clutch Yesterday. And let's be honest many 'Boys fans are starting to think that Tony Romo is/was/never will be clutch. And while I agree that Romo is certainly not clutch as of this moment that doesn't mean he can't have a great turn around like he did in 09 or 07.

On a separate note I hate the use of the term clutch, but I'll get to that in a later post.

2. My second point follows directly from my first. I believe that the Dallas Cowboys franchise has established a very elaborate con on us. Living in upstate NY I was treated to a Bills comeback win vs the Pats last week where Tom Brady, the great and all-powerful, threw four interceptions against the Bills. Peyton Manning had 3 horrible INT games last year. What I'm trying to get at is this. We had a 2 possesion lead coming in to the 4th. The defense couldn't stop Stafford, and in 3 drives the gained 17 points. Granted one of the drives was due to a Romo interception but losing was a team effort.

And this is the really important point. If we're going to start throwing words like Clutch and Leadership around, is QB going to be the only position we deign to throw them at. In my opinion there are 2 players on this team objectively better than Tony Romo. 

Demarcus Ware is supposedly the best defensive player in the NFL. Did he come up big in the 4th Quarter when the Dallas Cowobys needed a stop and a punt back? Where was his clutchness? Where was his rallying the team, to get a stop? Isn't that what leaders do? Isn't that what elite defenses do?

What about Jason Witten. He is a better player, a more experienced Cowboys, and, again supposedly a leader on the offense? Was it clutch to be in miscommunication with your QB on an over-the-shoulder throw that would've resulted in a first down if you were working the seam? You can say it was Romo's fault, but you've played with him since 2006 you're supposed to have this great connection. It really hasn't showed thus far.

These are the two elite players on this team. Where were their epic 4th quarter plays to give this team a shot to win? Nowhere, and I'll venture why. The NFL and the Cowboys have been pumping a bunch of horse manure that it's on the quarterback to come through in the clutch to make the big plays. And it really doesn't seem like anyone else was stepping up Yesterday. Let's not talk about the first 2 ints, first of all I didn't get a chance to see them, and second-of-all we can all admit they were bad. When Tony Romo made the 3rd Int the Lions had just scored on an 80 yard TD drive that took 5 plays. The Defense couldn't stop Matthew Stafford and they certainly couldn't stop Megatron. The Cowboys are up by 6 points and they need to keep the drive alive. Tony Romo evades pressure and tries to do what he does best, make a great throw to Witten in the clutch. Well the DB makes a better play on the ball and gets it back. Why would Tony do this? He doesn't trust his defense to hold the lead. And as we saw later in the game, they couldn't

This team is inextricably linked to Tony Romo. When he plays well, everyone seems to play well. When he plays poorly the offense doesn't work, and the defense looks like garbage. I believe that this is a result of the culture that has been established in the Cowboys for a long while.

3. I do want to put my 2 cents in on Garret's play calling. People say: Romo's a Pro-Bowl QB; Garrett shouldn't have to limit his offense for him. But Romo isn't Manning or Brady, he's not a top 3 QB, and he certainly makes mistakes. It's on the coach to limit the weaknesses of the players and enhance the strengths. It is way too early to say he hasn't, or won't, done this. But this is one of the most important things that separates a good coach from a bad one.

Do you Know Which Way the Wind Blows?

As you may or may not know, depending on how much you read my comments, or how long you've been on the blog I like to describe myself as a bit... bipolar when it comes to Sports, probably like most fans. What this means though is that every week I'm probably going to be singing a different tune and there will be different BtB members I agree with more or less. Which Way the Wind Blows is my attempt to identify these problems and eliminate them give each of them the credit they deserve for their ability to influence my interpretations of this team. Let's start week 1:

1. Tanstaafl: He's been arguing since the beginning of this season that losses are team losses and wins are team wins.  I, being a Romo fan, have only believed him weeks 1 and 4 while giving Romo too much credit in weeks 2 and 3. Unless your name is Peyton Manning I have to agree with Tans on this one.

2. Dire Wolf: I can sum up most of Wolf's position in 3 sentences. Romo sucked. Stop being Bandwagon fans. The Eagles losing is always a cause for celebration.

3. Bigham: Ever the voice of reason argues once again that the defense collapsed in the 4th just like the offense. Again Team's win and they lose

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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