The twenty-four hour rule applies to us fans as well.


I sense the numbness that has hit the entire Cowboys Nation, and even the media.

Stabs at humor are sometimes failing in times as this, but as to a 'Romo' humor, he was caught thinking that his head is used strictly for keeping his ears apart.

At other times, his wit has had a place...but I think that he fell somewhat victim to his own personal attachments, and lost sight of what drives this Cowboys machine...a plan that was brought to the game by his own coaches.

He allowed his own zone of comfort to color how he saw challenge and what was his own choice of alternatives. It's true, that he rides out preferences. That was forged into his consciousness when he replaced Bledsoe and had to deal with a TO.

Well, there was an attitude that we'll just do it our own way, come hell or high water, and that has burned the team, as an applied focus is lost. It's not all a sandlott you go out here, Jason, and I'll hit you there.

But here, hey, even Mike Ditka can come up with a golden nugget when frustrations and calamity surrounds a single event...that is, you are never a loser, UNTIL you quit trying. And to his credit, neither Tony Romo or the Dallas Cowboys have given up.

Oh, it would be easy to pin point indicators that created failure. Just being obvious here, when an opponent scores 17 points in the 4th quarter, and your own team scores Zilch...that could be the reason for a loss.

One could remain self-destructive and dwell on self-abuse, and target facts such as 27-3, and then going 3-31 in less than a half. Or Tony Romo pushed RYAN LEAF over as the all time worst play by a Dallas quarterback to lose a game.

But even with a sense of great dispair, one still has to fix what is broken. One interception, to Witten, wait, there were TWO interceptions thrown to Jason Witten. But both were badly delivered by Tony himself. The gaf was in the actual delivery of the football. When that is off, then focus by Tony is the culprit.

Here, being injured, could have as much to do with the misfiring on those plays, as anything. Just getting healthy again might solve that...but one thing is for sure, remaining futile in emotion won't cure that ill.

Having enough talent, I would say, is not the problem. Focus of Tony could be part of it although, as this sort of thing has raised it's head for a few years now. But to Tony's credit, he IS working on is the team.

Then on the Robinson pass play that was intercepted. Hey, that was a tight type route that has to be cut extremely accross to be successful. Robinson was being shaped by necessity into the role of a starter. Overall, he did a very good job...but he is new in the organization as well as responding with the team in such circumstances. He had a tremendous day on the field, but he will adjust even more with time and interacting as well. At least when Miles Austin returns, there should then be a trio of dependable wide receivers to be utilized.

That is a point on positional considerations. And then, some of the success by Detroit in the passing game late, could also be tracked back to a trail leading to the secondary. Woulder if the third player in the depth chart at safety could have anything to do with late game success and scoring? I bet that it did...just saying.

But as to keeping things in proper perspective, let's just take a quick look and analyze what actually happened. That is a disappointing loss. But the loss was by a sum of four points and to a team that had a sprinter's start at the beginning of this very season. The other loss was by a sum of what? Three points in the opening game, against a team who played in two consecutive AFC Championship games.

This Cowboy team is coming together in a new way. The view to overall direction should not be lost despite the disappointment, no matter what the exact cause was in a single game. The war is not lost at this point.

In early season projections, it was one of a growing team, not a powerhouse, at least yet. There are things that are tempting and pluses with this team. The team's defense at least looks to be contributing to an overall game completeness.

Before this game against the Lions, I saw a book end problem around the bye week. That bye week still being very important, and that is in getting a large group of players heathly and able to contribute to the entire team's picture. But that should show that there is something being left off the table right now, as to an overall view, even with a recent disapppointment.

The game against New England, will be an emotional trap as well. It will be before the entire team strength has been put together for the first time, and allowed to flex some to see the dynamics that can and should be brought onto the carpet.

But these two games should be seen as the top end comparisons for potential in these boys. And at least this fan, has done his 24 hours of crying in my beer and moving will this team.

This isn't an attempt at a rah - rah speech, or a drama filled search for pie in the sky. But if one is fully honest, there was also a lot being added to a positive picture as well. Put together two to three consecutive wins, and former tears of frustration will be quickly forgotten. But the team does have to gain some credability and not on a week on and week off basis. That goes to the credability that this team holds for itself.

Two losses, as predicted in early projections, doesn't kill this team's chances to end up in the thick of things. The team does have to establish consistency to stick out an entire game and develop team ability to change and fight out an entire contest. Dez Bryant has to be used for an entire game's length. Miles Austin is needed back.

Tony Romo is a good quarterback. Using a scorched earth policy in his description won't change the need for this team to keep on evolving and proving out it's own strengths. There are many things here, and all games being won or loss in a margin of three to four points, indicates it's not just a matter of team talent level...but execution.

Most team failures do not boil down to play selections by coaches, but to team executions by the players. That is where this team is here and now...not top of the pack, but as to potential, not near the bottom. Not even if a particular loss is poignantly iritating to all of our taste. Hey, that was a bad batch of stew. But a new batch is being cooked up as we move on, and in life, one has to adjust for the ups and down. This was a gut kick. No one enjoys that, but as with a boxer...hey, there's another day, and yes, another match-up coming up. It's time to take the blame, leave it in the past...and get ready to take it to another boxer in the ring. That is the nature of sport. And we are fans of is what it is, but labels of dispair won't change the ability to respond. It won't take five games to see whether Tony Romo will lead the way through this or not. To change him at this point, just isn't in the picture. Correcting the specifics of the problems is as applicable to Philadelphia as it is to the Cowboys.

There are still plenty of acts to this drama filled play, and they have yet to come to the stage. But that is such of the life in the NFL. And this team is well into this race, and with chance to approach the backside with opportunity to make it's own move before the backstretch.

This is the Dallas Cowboys, and even if they have tasted the Franchise's lows in historical places, it also has the metal of Franchise to reach to top regions as well. I'm betting on the later, myself.

Now, I know, I could have just refrained and stated:

'Sometimes embarrassment (as the Aggies know) is the best coaching.'

But to throw a complete game, pride has to come to the table, and not just guilt.

As to Tony Romo, he's our quarterback, and I believe in quote Rex Ryan.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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