Implications: What Sunday's Melt Down Really Means

Anyone who saw the game yesterday, we all saw the game yesterday, knows how bad it was. Everyone who saw the Boys limp off the field in shattered disbelief, with respect to what had just happened, knows how bad it was in that moment. The bigger question, the meta quandary, is what does it mean to the season? There are only two positions to take after something that brutal early in the season, but only one is based in reality if you're a Cowboys fan. You could let it roll off your back and tell yourself that it's still early in the year; or, you can say no mas. You can say I'm no going to continue to forgive an offense that can't run the ball, and a Quarterback who can't keep his gun in his holster when he obviously should. As fans we all have that right, as Cowboys fans we've all earned that right. It's Ok, I promise, I've only recently come to this conclusion and it feels glorious.

As Cowboys fans we all know how to stay optimistic in the face of adversity. Tony Romo has given us plenty of opportunities to become polished in this endevour, sorry but it's true. You could look at where we are right now and say to yourself "we're 2-2, there's 12 more games on our schedule,... we're good." There's some truth to that stance, but it has also become the status-quo for fans of the star, and you know the old saying,... if it's broken, fix it.

For far to long I've let bad losses early in the schedule roll off my back as if they don't mean that much. I've forgiven Tony Romo for errors that rookie signal callers don't make. I've defended #9 to anyone who offers criticism, but I've made up my mind that I won't do either one of those things anymore. Why? Because I'm only a man, and there is only so much disappointment I can take before I say enough is enough. So, what are the implications for the collapse on Sunday?

Here it is folks

On Tony Romo; it's obvious at this point (to me anyway) that Tony has still not learned that sometimes it's better to, in the words of Farmer Fran, live to play another day. The team will rise and fall with his decision making. In the two wins Mr. Romo has 2 touchdowns and 1 turnover. In the two losses, 5 touchdowns and 5 turnovers. As all Cowboys fans have come to realize though, it's the gun slinging/ caution to the wind manor in which he commits his mistakes that makes them so maddening. Well,... that and the fact that there's always one lurking in a crucial moment. Tell me you were shocked when he tossed number three on Sunday........

On the play calling; the number of passing attempts has only exceeded the number of rushing attempts by more than 11 once this season, Sunday's loss. On Sunday Red Jesus and Romo called/ audibled their way to 20 more passes than runs, despite holding a marginally decent lead well into the third quarter. So yeah, it was pretty much a bad day for the offensive brain trust all the way around. Ten more running plays probably shorten the game enough that Tony could have still thrown those pick sixes and the Cowboys still get the win.

On the season's outlook from here; really depends on how the players, particularly Romo, respond. I'll tell you this though, there's no reason why this team shouldn't be 4-0 right now. The East doesn't look to be nearly as difficult to win as it did before anyone with a pulse started getting to Vick on a regular basis; but, those two wins could very well be the difference between a playoff birth and yet another season that ends with everyone looking forward to next year. This loss will be lamented with particular disdain should Dallas end the season tied with Detroit for the last Wild Card slot.

Personally, I will continue to carry the same mentality about this team/ Romo that I carried into last season, before his year was abruptly ended. It's a simple mantra,.... say it with me now,... show me. Not the money, just show me. Show me that you can improve on one playoff win, and take the next step. Show me that you can make more winning plays than losing plays throughout the game, but especially in the clutch. Show me that you can live up to the potential of your talent, and more important than all that,... just show me that it's not time to start making wholesale changes throughout the roster. Quarterback included.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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