Is Mariano Rivera on the market?

The first quarter of the season is over and what a quarter it has been. For the most part Romo has dominated the headlines, rightfully so. Every game has come down to his arm. But let's take a look at what really is the issue at hand.

I love what Garret has done for the attitude and culture change of this team. And really I like what I have seen coordinator wise. EXCEPT when it comes to closing drives and more importantly closing games.

Outside of the 20 Garret is sometimes masterful and the offense looks very fluid. Outside of the 4th quarter it looks cut throat and always goes for the juggular. What has happened so far this season has become an unnecessary trust issue.

Oh JG trusts Romo that's a given. In fact he trust him too much. He also does not trust the run game AT ALL! Let's face it with Romo HE IS WHAT HE IS. Only 1 person can change that and its the person in his head Jason Garret.

Prior to this season Garrets had developed a baseball like approach to the games with Romo at QB. Once we built a lead with Romo he sent in Marion Barber to play the Mariano Rivera role and close the game out. Many times throughout the 07-09 season we saw this work perfectly. Now I'm not saying we miss Barber hell he can't even get on the field. But we do miss this philosophy.

Ironically I trust Romo in any game we are down or any game very close going into the 4th qt. He has proven to lead many comebacks. But I have lost all trust in going into the 2nd half of a game with a decent size lead (10+). He has blown 2 leads already this year and while most of the blame rest on his shoulders some should lay with Garret.

Now I'm not here to get on JG too much because prior to this past game I believed Romo could handle such responsibilities. It's clear now he just cannot. So what JG has to do is ADJUST and get back to his baseball philosophy.

"But the running game isn't working", "But we don't have a closing back".

NONSENSE!! People stop looking at the stats and use your brains. The running game has actually been successful the last 2 games. And even when it wasn't against the Jets simply running the ball on the goal line wins the game. Notice somethin with the running game? First 2 games we played against run defenses that are tough and have been (Jets have been struggling since but 1st game at home 9/11 Jets D). NEWS FLASH we don't play against top 10 run defenses all year! Simply trusting your run game on Sunday wins again. The defense was playing outstanding and the clock would have been worked. Instead 2 pic 6s with the defense not even stepping on the field or any time running off.

No closing back? Really? Then why carry 4 backs on the roster?! Why draft Demarco Murray?! By the way who runs maybe the hardest on the team. Felix struggles in the 4th at times but that's why there is 3 backs active on game day USE THEM ALL TO CLOSE OUT THE GAME. The worse that can happen is the clock running and having to punt. Which isn't a bad idea with the way the defense has been playing.

All in all Garret has to put on his Mariano Rivera hat once a lead is made. Reel in Romo and manage the game a little better. Romo will always be aggressive that's what makes he great and makes him bad at the same time. But this is where JG makes his money. Adjusting to the evidence at hand. Romo cannot close out leads but can bring you back from a deficit. Therefore reel him in and let him loose when necessary.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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