Real Talk: Episode One


For months I have been searching for a new title for my weekly fan post and finally I have come up with the title. Crack Hits was a huge success and received a lot of comments. The problem was the name offended some and I am trying to make an attempt at being more conservative on here. For the record the name was never meant to offend anyone. A few months ago I though of using Cowboys Nation as my weekly post. After the 2nd post I realized that Raf's site is named the same, I felt really stupid.

So after watching last nights game in it's entirety, it hit me. One of my main selling points is that I try to keep it real and call it how I see it. Real Talk just hit me and a new weekly fan post was born out of the ashes of Crack Hits.

Let's start with the actual game that was played last night. Prior to kickoff I was talking on the game thread with some of the regulars on here. Basically I was saying how this team needed to step up and win. This team is inconsistent and I stand behind that statement. They don't show up in big games against good teams. Many were talking about the moral victory of losing to the Eagles because they were a good team, but there is no moral victory in a blowout. We were done for after that first touchdown, it's like we didn't even get off the plane.

The Eagles were prepared for this game and I don't know how the Cowboys weren't. The Eagles were flying around the field and looked to be the team that was actually awake. We were flat from the get go and I don't know what the game plan was but it sucked pretty bad. Now people will bash Rob Ryan for this loss. Look the guy made a huge mistake in running his mouth, I can get over that. His game plan last night was flawed and he admits that. At least this man has the balls to admit his game plan sucked. I am not worried about Rob Ryan at all and his defense was due for a letdown after playing so well this season. I just didn't expect what I saw last night.

The biggest hole in this defense is middle linebacker. Keith Brooking and Bradie James are worthless, straight up. They are huge liabilities in pass coverage and it seems like every other NFL team knows this. What bothers me is why we came into the season with both of them and this is Jerry being cheap in free agency. You guys can sit there and say that it's being smart not spending money in free agency, well it's not. Jerry needs to start upgrading this team in free agency. Sure we can spend another draft pick on a inside linebacker but what's the point? We already have Bruce Carter and he damn sure better pan out or we are in trouble.

This could get real ugly quick if we don't find a solution here. Teams will attack this flaw every single week and it will be unstoppable. Brooking and James could be the downfall to this season real quick if they don't step it up. Honestly I know they won't step it up because they are old and slow. Their tackling is pathetic too.

Then there is Anthony Spencer, who I am moving on from. The guy is a bust and an average player. He has no football smarts and disappears in big games. I don't know what else to say about this guy. DeMarcus Ware is playing his tail off and has 4 sacks, meanwhile this guy is just getting owned the entire game. Outside linebacker will be and should be a HUGE priority next offseason. Rob Ryan can talk Spencer up all he wants and doesn't want to throw his guy under the bus, but Spencer sucks.

We need to address the cornerback position next offseason too. This team doesn't have a ball hawk or play maker in the secondary period. The Cowboys don't have that lock down cornerback that can make plays. That's just how it is. I don't care if it's free agency or the draft, but we need a play maker at cornerback.

Let's move to the offensive side of the football. Tony Romo was pretty awful last night and it may not be his fault but he wasn't the answer either. He was throwing balls into the ground and not giving our wide receivers a chance to make a play on a bubble screen. His body language was awful and I lost count of how many times he rolled his eyes in disgust. if Tony Romo rolled his eyes at me on the field I don't know what I would do if I was a player on this team. Great job Romo, kudos on your leadership quality last night. Romo is too good for the Cowboys to move on from but if he doesn't make the playoffs and flounders around this season, his job may be in jeopardy.

The offensive line was terrible. People can continue to talk about how good Phil Costa is, the dude sucks. Everyone loves PFF, go look at his PFF grades then. Costa is an average player thrust into a starting role at a vital position. He consistently gets owned and has an issue snapping the ball. Costa lied about Stephen Bowen calling out the snap count, Costa is a chump. Of course this is all my opinion and I have no facts to back it up, but I don't like Phil Costa at all.

Martellus Bennett sucks too, the guy is a huge bust. I won't list all the players we passed on but I will bring up Jermichael Finley. The Martellus Bennett fan club states that he is better than Finley and if he had an opportunity he would be better than Finley. That is an urban legend because Bennett just straight up sucks at football. The guy cannot catch a football. He consistently lines up in the wrong place and is a goofball. He actually had the nerve to put his hands up and say the linebacker had facemasked him and he lost the ball in the air. Those are lame attempts at passing off blame. Romo made a perfect pass there and like usual Bennett couldn't catch it. So congratulations to Jerry for drafting a 2nd round blocking tight end. He is a free agent at the end of the year and I cannot wait until he is gone.

I don't know what Garrett was thinking after we were down three scores either. Instead of airing it out and taking shots down the field, we were running 4 yard patterns with Witten. Playing conservative at that point in the game was moronic. Grow some balls and take some chances, what's the worst that could happen? We go down four scores? I didn't understand that at all. it's like he went into the fetal position and basically consented to defeat.

Was there anything positive last night? Not much but there were a few players who stood out to me. Tyron Smith gave up a sack and had some rough plays but he got it together as the game progressed. At least he is a stud. DeMarco Murray would have had a huge game if the game were normal and not a blowout. We have found our franchise running back and that is extremely encouraging. The Cowboys have been searching for a #3 WR and Laurent Robinson appears to be the real deal. That was a great signing and we finally have a true slot option. Ware had the quietest 4 sacks maybe ever. I feel bad if his career went for nothing and he never wins anything. One playoff win for Ware is really sad.


Going forward I hope these posts turn into more positive material, but after last night there is nothing positive to say really.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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